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Monday, December 29, 2014

The Imbecilic Jaw 12 29 2014

The Imbecilic Jaw  Draft Article 12 29 2014

Most people tend to think of protruding Jaw men as more handsome.  A lifetime of personal experience tells me that they are highly more likely to qualify as being imbeciles!

How many men can protrude there lower jaws and wrap their lower lips over their bottom teeth like "Vern" did?

If you watched them do this you too would know they were imbecilic!

A great eugenics crime was committed by FDR relating to alcohol and I believe he had one of these imbecilic jaws!

The person with the imbecilic jaw talks like a goofy dog with a mouth full of caramels!

How did Great Britain propaganda of them start in the United States?

Do quite a few with the imbecilic jaw also have what I would term mongoloid encephalographic brain patterns?  I believe in the complete deportation from the United States of all of those with Mongoloid Encephalographic Brain Patterns!

What is the point?  They get into high paying positions of power and what is the result?  They curl that Imbecilic Jaw out at the American People!  We the people have had enough!

I also believe they should be excluded from working in Human Resources and the media.  Why?  Their actions have violated the rights of the people!  Nor should they be in positions propagandizing religion!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2014
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