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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How to be a "Made Person" in the Media 12 24 2014

How to be a "Made Person" in the Media 12 24 2014

When a woman in the media or government uses the term mental illness (or schizophrenic) she say's it with great racial and sexist prejudice; for men that she participated in driving insane?

Never has one spoken the words without emotional prejudice or spite in their voice!

That is how they are "made men" in the media and therefore participate in organized crime!

You NEVER hear the term "Mentally Defective" substituted for "Mental Illness!"  Can you guess why?  They never want the distinction between the two to be made for fear of revelation or personal weakness.  Much like how someone with Wilson's Syndrome has strong verbal ability but low IQ.  The low IQ is a sign of mental defect that is masked by strong verbal ability!

So if you want to make it big in today's Government or media just say the term "Mental Illness","Hearing Voices" or "Schizophrenic" with a tone of great sexist and racial prejudice and you will be a "made person."  Think you have a long shot in getting a job at a media house?  Just slip in those terms with a slight tone of great sexist or racial prejudice and you will get right in, quicker than a spooked cat jumps when you accidently step on its tail!

The pope got it right with his usage to describe his curia sloth with the phrase, "Existential Schizophrenia"

It is his way of saying that his curia could not exist without driving human beings insane!
The media, Politicians, all members of networked and organized crime and the corrupt all have existential schizophrenia.  Wow what did I just write there?  I equated networked crime with organized crime!  I believe that is a more factually correct term "Networked Crime!"  You will never see those words spoken in the media!  "Networked Crime!"  I want to say it over and over again like the little brat that wants to say "Fatty Boombalatti"

So what do you do if you live with a mean wife like this who has Existential Schizophrenia?  Tell her she is tough!  Intone it just like a boxer is tough!  And that she is strong too!  Wait a minute isn't that what they already tell them and it perpetuates the problem?

Do all homosexuals have Existential Schizophrenia versus us pure minded Schizophrenics?  Absolutely!

Today they would likely expel a normal child who pointed out the sloth of a Bush learning deficient child that should not be in the same classroom!  Why insulate the sloth from reality?  It only comes back to haunt us in society as they become the age of adults!  How can you justify preventing a child from laughing via comparative learning at the words and actions of a low grade imbecilic!  That is a crime in my point of view!  That laughing is a result of comparative humor sparking the thought, "Thank God I am not that stupid!"  Please don't do that to our normal children!

Off topic.

There are some pretty women out there but they are not beautiful; why not? Because they are "Smokey's Daughters."

Listen how the media paraprofessionals intonations when they use those terms relating to the above, They say them exactly as a witch or warlock would!  We ought to be able to do a complete media video library search via a computer for every time the term "mental Illness," or "Schizophrenic" or "hearing voices" was used on television!  What you are going to see could be part of a documentary that would astonish you!  It is like the guy on the football halftime show whose face gets all spitting twisted in anger as if he is Sybil!  That is how they use the term schizophrenic!  As if those who are labeled it are a completely different species!  I am here to tell you just the opposite is true!

The Pope just took issue with it too!  He defined the double minded, the sloth, and satan with the term Existential Schizophrenia.

If the Jews can claim to use a computer program to restore the resolution of any picture to full resolution then they can also create a computer program that mines all media video libraries to prove what I say is true! About those terms being spoken in the media with the emotional expression a witch or warlock would have!

But what is the point?  Those who would create and foster the stigma of an "illness" would also create the illness!  Create an illness is the opposite of the work of God as creation or creationism is!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2014
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