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Monday, December 29, 2014

Detroit Lions 20 vs. Green Bay Packers 30 12 29 2014

Detroit Lions 20 vs. Green Bay Packers 30                   12 29 2014

It is very simple, the toe's come down first!  Perhaps it should be a rule for players in a certain position or of a certain weight?  It is how native Americans walk quietly through the forest!  It is how sprinters run!  The toe's come down first and not the stomping heal!  Who uses a stomping heal in a situation like that?  No stomping heals! 

What is best about this is that is serves as a prime example for the young of who should never seek a professional athletic career in our society!

When the toe's come down first they sense what is underfoot, and when it is a person underneath a person a man can instantly adjust!

The fact that it was caught in real time just means that we finally found a way to catch a player who does not even play a sport to the professional level we learned to play it as children!

Why someone like that would be advanced in society is a complete mystery to me?  Or not?  It is the reason the Romans needed the concept of a Universal father?  Because all other adult males were horrible?  Those fathers are horrible today too aren't they!  And the heathen Roman women didn't want a father that had relations with women either did she!  Don't want to see through those eyes and feel you are what you really are when that is going on!  And just read more propaganda from the Bible in support of the concept:  "Man cannot serve two masters!"  What that really means is that a faction of that Roman society did not like to marry men who thought like men!  Instead they needed something they could control!  It is completely false!  Unless a man thinks prophetically like Gods and Prophets do he isn't a man, but rather an mentally emasculated, and criminally minded person which a certain type of woman can be happy with because she can control and hormonally dominate!  If you haven't seen exactly that lesser concept of a man propagandized on American television over the last decades you haven't been watching!

How many people did that ogre step on in grade school and high school in that same manner to get where he is today!  Enough!

I did create a petition about this awhile back!  Have courage to sign it!  Don't be a coward!

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