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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Inflation of higher corporate profit quest has caused unmitigaged environmental liability 12 16 2014 on for profit education

The Corporate Business Structure and the Inflation causes by across the board raising prices in order to make for higher profits and more personal income has created an unmitigated environmental liability!

As soon as they raise prices they don't use the proceeds to re-mediate the toxic cancer causing environment they created, in stead they issue themselves a bonus's, etc. Nor do those profits ever translate into public wealth creation from the stock market, before it ever reaches the General Public it is churned to less than zero by the Mutual Fund Institutional False Tea Party Clan!

We also have a problem in that Bank Profits are based not on legitimate bank earnings but rather that our Corporate economy is being sponsored with easy credit, (although we are highly deserving of that credit) it creates false profits for the banks. Some of you are far too young to realize why this will ever or how this could ever turn into a problem for you. Here is what happened around the Great Depression, when parents could feed their children the children were taken from them and placed in orphanages where they were abused! I heard stories of boys being beat up by other boys and left bloody naked with their tongues stuck frozen solid to fence posts. So the bankers make out alright even though they did not earn a dime of that money that created their wealth! And I am advocating that before that happens those bad children who should never have been entitled to be born be “done away” with! Two or more criteria would be selling or giving drugs to other children and also sexual molestation of them or attempted murder of other children.

One more story here to elucidate that point. I worked with a guy who had worked at the Credit Card processing center of a major bank located in Wisconsin. He told me that one day a letter came to him and it said to the effect of, “I have no balance and I would like to cancel my account with you.” He asked the supervisor what to do with it and he told him, “Just throw that in the garbage can.” In my humble opinion, from that example and the worldwide mortgage fraud, there is no legal basis for anyone to ever come and evict you from your home if you are an honest born non mentally defective human being!

But back to the top of the environment. They will pay themselves that money rather than spend it where a responsible adult, a real man not the mentally defective type you see on television, operating a business would see that it went. That ill will of human nature can not properly be addressed when we have toxic polluting companies working with chemicals in a for higher profit business structure. Remember as they raise prices to make more money for themselves the corporations that are in the remediation business also raise prices so that when they do work they don't have to work as hard. So it leads to a dead standstill and the environment rots. And that Chemical Analyst whose declared his wife is “just stupid” wants a bigger and bigger family. What for?

It's okay, that adult male and his ilk loathed me, but not for any right reason!

Perhaps a Corporate Charter should never be granted to a business that is in any way capable of creating or contributing to a toxic health environmental hazard. Why? Because when it comes time for them to clean up their own mess there is no money earned for them to find in order to do it.

So sign this petition on the environment so that we can indeed clean up this country!

So the woman who heads that North Carolina energy company needs more money to send her adult children to a University?  We need to nip that in the bud today to!  I will start a new petition that there may no longer be ANY for Profit Colleges, Universities or Schools in the United States!  Am I the only one that likes that idea?  It means tuition has to be free!  It also means that rent cannot be raised in order to compensate for loss of tuition.  How much should rent be for a college student?  Let's say that the minimum wage is 11 dollars per hour.  And that student is able to work 24 hours a week while going to school.  That means he has a monthly income of 24*11*4 weeks equals $1056. Divide that by four as a spending buffer to arrive at what a college students national monthly rent should be capped at:  $264.    So that is a petition to start to.  And it does flow exactly what John F. Kennedy stated before he was assassinated by a Russian spy, that graduates of Ivy League Universities serve no benefit to democracies. 

There is no valid reason for "For profit" education!!!!

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014

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