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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fun With Laws 12 21 2014

Fun With Laws 12 21 2014

Given the fact that many Veterans from the Middle East War are homeless and labeled with mental illness, how about this law. It would be broadly applied the world over much like the Geneva Convention.

No person with a history of someone in their family hearing voices may ever serve in the United States Armed Forces or be registered in a Selective Service system! The rationale per your crooked logic is that they represent such a danger to the community that they should never be able to purchase a gun!

So who would that leave to fight the countries Wars? Perhaps the sons and daughters of the rich? Perhaps the mentally defective from fetal alcohol syndrome? Seinfeld or someone like him made a joke once that they rounded up all the homeless Jews in New York and there were only two of them. The rationale is that because so few of them are homeless it means that very few of them are also afflicted with hearing voices? So perhaps it would equate to all the Jews serving on the front lines in the military? But that would almost be like a Holocaust wouldn't it?

Sure lets have some fun with laws. My father served in WWII and the U.S. Won that war! Perhaps if he had not been allowed to serve because his mother heard voices, many others exactly like him would not have been allowed to have served either. And then we would not have won that war would we! Why not? Because so many who represent an violent danger per your propaganda indoctrinated into law, would not have been able to serve! I don't believe we did win that war! We did not win that War! So yes my father should not have served in it!

Want to have some more fun with laws? It is illegal to obey and illegal order. The Constitution guaranties your right to have a gun! Therefore it is illegal for a United States Citizen to comply with any gun control measures!

Knowingly or unknowingly a Senator or Congressmen creates or signs a law that is a blatant violation of the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land, should they not be arrested for that?

Now lets say a member of law enforcement is knowingly or unknowingly enforcing an illegal order; what should they expect their fate to be?  And they are required to know the law better than the average citizen!  And all legal laws are subject to comply the Constitution which is the Supreme Law of the Land!  Does it really matter if a stacked Supreme Court does not believe in the validity of the United States Constitution?  No! Why not?   Because again the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land!  You can't contradict the Constitution just because you don't like it or because you don't have the professional competence to solve problems (you created with other willful and vile mal-interpretations?)  You are not hired to the Supreme Court for it to be a learning experience or a chance for you to show how cute you are by creating and following a string of faulty premises!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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