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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where are the Professional Psychologists and Psychiatrists 12 16 2014

Where are the Industry Professionals (i.e. Psychologists and Psychiatrists) who would find it their professional duty to publicly comment on those who would advocate and implement TORTURE? (George Bush and Dick Cheney.)

Not one peep out of those or even the ones that we see in the media or the media experts that they bring on television to comment on the psyche of someone who did something bad! Not even one peep from Oprah, Dr. Oz, or Dr. Phil!

You don't have to read too far into a book on psychology to realize that the Serial Killer first learns how to torture on animals, then he starts on humans and after he has started on humans he has to kill them to eliminate the evidence against him!

But no one is Professional enough to mention George Bush, Dick Cheney and the entire CIA in that same bad light! CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency. But before that wasn't it an Italian acronym for something? I will have to research that. Just to find out the mode of how these bad roots took hold in our Civilization.

Our founding fathers stated no cruel and unusual punishment. It is in the Constitution and it is not to be subjected to the willful mal-interpretations of mad men!

People who would advocate and implement torture should have been extinct about 100,000 years ago! We should not have to put up with them!  And look at the young wealthy Republicans who continue to worship these individuals as if they are Gods?

Because the industry Professionals did not find it their duty to publicly comment, as per above, do not be surprised if at some point in the future every single one of them has their license removed and wealth/personal family assets, confiscated for criminal racketeering!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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