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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Holy Grail that they don't want you to know about 12 21 2014

My Commentary on Marquette Universities Censorship of Knowledge!!!!  As revealed in the article at the following link!

There should be absolutely no valid reason why the topic below is not brought up at Marquette University! 

The following link reveals what they don't ever want you to know about!

This is very calculated, here is the Holy Grail they don't want you to know about!  Use the search term, "New Study reveals link between sexuality and serotonin in mice"  What it means is that substances (like Alcohol and tobacco) that cause birth defects otherwise known as the inability of genes to express themselves, cause homosexuality. And Homosexuality is just one of the manifestations of failure of gene expression, the other has to do with the hippo campus, learning, dyslexia (up to 43 million Americans), mental retardation.  They will protect this secret as if it is the Holy Grail!

A defect in the serotonin regulating gene means that rather than happiness coming from personal achievement it comes from something far more vicious! 

I think every single Marquette Student should bring up that valid scientific discovery and topic in that study until they are all expelled and Marquette has nor more students!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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