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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bill to keep guns away from the mentally ill 12 21 2014

Bill to keep guns away from the mentally ill 12 21 2014

I don't see how you can do that without keeping them out of the hands of the homosexuals first!  Someone that denies their own sexual identity for whatever cause ought not to be able to have a gun, before you claim that those who hear voices should not.  In fact our Government completely ignored this evidence about homosexuality!

I also don't see how you can issue a gun to anyone who uses an addictive substance known to cause mental retardation, such as alcohol!

In fact this is exactly why we have the Second Amendment guarantying that right to have a gun!  So the above don't seek to take it from you!

A woman who was part of the NRA voted for it!  Given that and all the real problems we have today in the United States I don't believe they should have ever been granted the right to vote!

But you'll see!  This makes the nation far more weak than you could ever imagine, the feeble minded projecting their personal circumstance on the rest of us!  What was the horror that Cathy McMorris Rogers of the Republican Party revealed, essentially we are the party for people with Down's Syndrome family members!  And how is that person ever going to support the nation?  Want to really start labeling who is mentally ill and who isn't?  There are still some men here that know the difference between right and wrong!  But you wouldn't know it after the military has spent 24 years in the middle east!  Do you really want to push the issue of who is mentally ill and who isn't?  I think that you do!  Just wait and see who is going to get medicated against their will for delusional ideas in Government!

She knows her kid should never have a gun so she projects a delusion onto the American public?  That isn't what our Constitution stands for!  Also I believe we need a new head to the NRA!  They seem to have turned the tables on us! They send a coupon for a case of French wine in every letter they send?  Alcohol being the leading a cause of mental retardation and also likely the making of Genetically defective Downs' Syndrome people?  Can you even read the label on the bottle?

Only a mentally ill person could justify keeping a mentally retarded child!  But to them it is just like the pet dog!

It is very interesting to see who loses their temper over trivial matters in Government on television!  Is lack of self control a sign of mental illness?

If you can't pass an intelligence test is that also a sign of mental illness or defect?  That intelligence test to include simple measures of how one would allocate the peoples capital if they had a position as a Government leader!  You have already failed miserably at everything and you know it!  So take away the peoples guns when they accuse you of failure?  That is just what the United States declared their Independence For!  Have you ever even read the Declaration of Independence with educated comprehension?

Legalize pot and put forth more gun control?  What odd Tea Party did you women attend?

Every single gun control law that there is is Unconstitutional!  Every single one of them!  For those of you who got into Government by fraudulently representing your knowledge of the United States the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, that means that every law created has to be consistent with it!  Gun Control is a direct violation of the Constitution!  We are not in some new America whereby a woman using drugs and having mentally retarded children is expected to be the norm!

Does not having the number of Chromosomes that a human being does make that offspring a different species?  Then one has to ask if the mother is genetically different in some way to, if indeed she argues that she never used alcohol while pregnant.  Highly unlikely given that quite a few people get drunk over the legal limit when they consummate their marriage on their honeymoon, with champagne!  Sure the current head of the NRA will give you a coupon for that too!

Should someone that knowingly or unknowingly creates a law that blatantly violates the Constitution be arrested?  And that would include those who voted for it! Knowingly or unknowingly you as a member of the house or senate approved a law that blatantly violates the United States Constitution, should those people be arrested?  I think that at some point in the near future that could happen!

Here is what the founding fathers who signed the declaration of Independence said about tyranny!

Read it very carefully and you can make an accurate comparison to people that they would absolutely loathe in todays politics!

I bet that some of the meanings of those quotes is listed as a criteria for diagnosis of mental illness today!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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