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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Notes on Milwaukee Imperialism 12 16 2014

Notes on Milwaukee Imperialism 12 16 2014

Who ever allowed for soda and milk to be sold in plastic bottles? I just tried a Coke for life product made with cane sugar in a glass bottle and there is absolutely no comparison to what is sold in plastic bottles.


Go to Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee where Dontre Hamilton an unarmed man who hears voices was shot to death by a Milwaukee Police Officer and what do you see? Immediately to the South of it is Milwaukee City Hall! So what do I ask myself? Does Mayor Barrett, who is begging for a trolley car system like it a new toy train for him, have his office on the North Side of that building overlooking where Dontre was shot to death?

Invention Needed: 12 16 2014

An automobile needs a lever which would be called a manual hydraulic brake release. For when a person is driving on a lonely wide open highway whereby the frictional pressure of the brake caliper pads on the discs could be realized and much greater mileage could be attained.


Carbon Monoxide in the Buick Lacrosse and the Ford Edge. Everyone want's to say how great todays new cars are. But at least when you backed up the 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass down the driveway with the Windows closed, you never got one hint of smell of carbon monoxide inside the car! Never! Both of these new cars have it. What does it do to you? It prevents oxygen from being taken into cell respiratory metabolism; in effect it is another instance of Imperialism making zombies of us!

So how do we leak Carbon Monoxide into the cars? First we need the alibi that is what Government owned during that time? How is is leaking in? I don't really know, permeable body panel joints versus the all welded steel box construction of the past, would be my assumption. And that isn't a bad case of the word assumption is it! Isn't interesting how the word assumption has been given such a bad reputation. About the same way that a faction in the Bible hated and loathed those who had what was called prophetic ability! What is prophetic ability? It is the ability to make accurate assumptions! As in I assume from your results that you did something wrong and I am assuming how you did it wrong. Was my mother the only one who used the term Dumber and Dumber years before it was ever a movie?


And that is exactly what the fictional legal business concept of the Corporation represents to the United States, It is an Imperialist Attack on our health, our well being and our pursuit of happiness! And what do they always try and make it? They always try and make politics and issue of race! They are attempting to polarize us by the issue of race and then cry foul when we fall for it! It isn't about race it is really about who was born mentally defective from drinking parents and who wasn't that hears voices because of them! That is what it is really about, but they will hide that FACT by every manner of distraction possible! A Doctor can show you on a brainscan how a very articulate persons brain is wired differently from birth because of alcohol and how it means they have mental retardation.

We are going to have to crack down extremely hard on a concept called Corporate Imperialism!!!
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Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014

Originally published on 12 16 2014:

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