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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Jewish Psychiatrist Dr. Edmund Forster Created Adolf Hitler 12 10 2014

A Jewish Psychiatrist Created Adolf Hitler 12 10 2014

This is very interesting.  The technique that he used to snap him out of his trauma of loss of sight was treat him like a spoiled little boy!!!

The loss of sight is something very interesting. Did the mustard gas cause a partial oxygen deprivation brain cell death from the optic nerve to the brain?  In other words if time had just gone by Adolf Hitler might have naturally gotten his sight back?

Also there are two deaths in that article that are labeled suicide just as Nikolas Tesla's was, but indeed there was a Gestapo visit near to the time of death!!!!

That Hospital he was treated at Pasewalk appears to be where Russian Spies could have come to easily by sea?,14.0127834,11z

I believe that the United States military has technology that can blank out a mans sight!  I remember a while back I saw a white light that looked like a laser field flash through the room.  I can't remember the exact details, it was back around the year 2000.  But it wanted to blank out my sight.

The point here is that if such a device were used on a soldier then from the trauma of not seeing one could be more highly influenced through fear to do the bidding of a demonic possessor.  It is like a chapter in the book of John from the Bible.  Where they say that he is possessed.  Jesus say's that he isn't.  And then they pick up stones as if they are going to throw them at him???  Hence they have scared him into the will of demonic possession of their own!!!

Did the Russians possess such technology back then?  In the form of Magnetron Generator?

A United States soldiers swears that he saw Hitler leave by plane and that he was not killed at all.  Which means the Russians completely lied!  So if they lied what was their motivation for doing so?

Every time I see a psychiatric patient go on a shooting spree I question if there was a little man pulling his strings!  Or if the psychiatric drugs that were given to him were the cause of the madness!

But what is the best point of this article?  Psychiatry created the holocaust!  Holocaust means "offering to God."  And what did that psychiatrist also do?  He played on Hitler's sense of nationalism in order to give him confidence in himself and also to reduce the trauma he experienced from the war.  Hitler was not a leader before the psychiatric treatment.  Hitler did not have that sense of church and state God in one before the treatment.  And Hitler had Forster killed and all his papers seized.  There might indeed be a lot more to it in those seized papers!  I think that there had to be more to that treatment than what is revealed so far!!!  More subliminal concepts etched into his mind; by Russia?  And who indeed was Russia and ally with up until the end of the War; THE UNITED STATES!  I believe that some faction of our immigration policy liked Russians.  And perhaps the clue here is what the Russians knew about the science of this back at that time!  Who were their scientists?  We will never know that because of that IRON CURTAIN!!!

Oddly enough the Berlin Wall came down 1989  not long before Bush Invaded Iraq 1991?  Looks to be a sequenced agenda in place?

I am telling you without a doubt that Schizophrenia is medical fraud!  The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of them is what makes it a medical fraud.  Something like a microphone to microwave transmission that is attenuated by the voice speaking into the microphone controlling the amplitude and frequency of the microwave transmission; and that is in the very earliest forms of it perhaps over 100 years ago!  Yes indeed Nikolas Tesla was marketing a particle beam in Europe around 1911 per my memory of the Investors Daily biography that I read about him!

Can't get more antipsychiatry than that can you?  But who was Edmund Forster related to the Nazi Albert Forster?

The family was in the Wine business!  Just do a bible search on wine and alcohol related terms to get an idea of the trouble!  You know I had a complete blogsite with information on the Bible and Alcohol and someone has erased it from my list of blogs!  It used to be listed here! 

Correction, Whoop, here it is:

Now I don't know if the following Nazi Albert Forster is related to Edmund Forster.  But usually I consider if the surname is Jewish then all of the surname are Jewish.  Also I tend to think that the bloodline of the surname is about the same or more highly related that those of none same surname.  But it doesn't say who this mans parents were.  That would be interesting.  Where their other Forster's who were Nazi's?

Now this relates back to my operation Paperclip inquiry!

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