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Saturday, December 20, 2014

When did the United States Government know that Alcohol and Cigarettes caused cancer and mental retardation 12 20 2014

When did the United States Government know that Alcohol and Cigarettes caused cancer and mental retardation 12 20 2014

Adolf Hitler knew back in circa 1932 that Cigarettes caused cancer.  His mother died of breast cancer.  One of his first German Executive orders was to ban smoking.  And where were those cigarettes made or where did the money go to?  Were they not English tobacco companies?   Hitler attacked Great Britain.  The Nazi's were also working on cancer viruses.

But that is aside the point of this article.  Other than to say was the genetics movement and Prohibition about not causing the birth defect of mental retardation from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, even though the term is more modern than that?

But given that our Government knew way back then some other facts come into play.  That members of FDR's cabinet where in the Whitehouse for 50 years after his Presidency.  That and a Doctor that examined him determined he was mentally unsound and that he repealed Prohibition.  But here is the point I am trying to make.

Up until the 1950's or so in order to be granted a Corporate status you had to have shown a benefit to the public good.  That was determined to be creating employment.  But was the real reason we had the more widespread granting of the corporate legal status because alcohol and tobacco would have went out of business without it!  So there it is!  Somehow it was part of a multi decade plan?

And it isn't fair to just single out FDR and the Democrats because the Republicans and their wealth stood to lose a great deal too.

I hear voices.  What are the odds they are of the mentally retarded?  There is a phrase of great spite in the Bible that was uttered to Jesus Christ by those who loathed him, "Never again let a profit rise from Galilee again."  Isn't that really the same thing as having the tools of alcohol, tobacco and drugs in place to ruin people, families and create mental retardation!

Now I still want to know what every one of those 1600 Nazi Scientists given freedom in the United States through Operation Paperclip were up to!  We only know what a very small fraction of them were up to.  I like to stay fair and impartial, but if some were working under duress in Germany and then came to the United States and Developed and perfected our Missile defense for us, a missile defense that was then given to Israel too, I just have to wonder...

But anyhow sign my petition so that we know what they were up to!  Were they creating fraudulent documents and research related to psychiatry?  No doubt!  Clear as day to me!  So prove me wrong and tell us what they were up to, and no phony stories either!  They want to allow pot smokers in Colorado to have weapons!  On the Federal form you may not purchase one if you are a user of an addictive substance like marijuana.  But I will play the Devils Advocate if that is what makes you feel safe, working with and for pot smokers... If you like mentally retarded babies because you can make a great profit from it...if you want pot smokers working in nuclear reactors... 

What is very disturbing, you would think when they re-legalized alcohol that would be enough.  You would think that allowing people to smoke cancer causing cigarettes that would be enough.  How far do you keep bending backwards.  How many levels do you allow people to take it too?  I think alcohol and tobacco users already greatly violate my Constitutional Rights.

How many women have to die of breast cancer in order to keep the life of the satanic mentally defective a secret?  How many men and women's lives do we have to keep sacrificing for you?

If a man walks without a T-shirt on and may he always be able to do so!  May we never become that sissy imperialists. ...If a man can walk without a t-shirt I believe a woman who had her breasts removed due to smoking  or alcohol and cancer ought to be able to too!  And I don't believe you can issue them a citation for it!  Your lack of Government oversight and protection maculated them, butchered the sanctity of their bodies.  What am I getting at?  What a statement a protest like that would make!  That would be an extremely powerful statement!

You give a man a psychiatric drug that causes him to grow breasts and you better not dare ever tell him to put his shirt back on!  People wonder why men and women resort to violence!  They use the word like their is always something wrong with the person who starts something!  It isn't true!  Some people are provoked to acts of violence by a far worse threat to humanity than you could ever imagine; the mentally defective.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2014
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I never understood how Hitler's SS men came into the United States to question Nikolas Tesla, and then he is said to have been found dead. When I never understand something it usually means a great coverup or lie is being perpetrated!


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