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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Psychiatry is the Religion of the Devil 12 24 2014

Psychiatry is the Religion of the Devil 12 24 2014

Anyone ever have a female therapist that wasn't Condescending?

Who also considers a woman being condescending to a man really a form of racism or envy of men?

It was a Jewish psychiatrist that took it upon himself to use the Condescending technique to treat and also create Adolf Hitler! But he did it more overtly, "You are a sniveling spoiled brat," he is quoted as saying to man who was or had been traumatized from what was likely only temporarily hypoxia blindness from mustard gas!

What is that tough love false idealism?  It is really a beast of a person projecting their personal circumstance and self pity unto you via a granted position of authority they are not deserving of?

"You can be a homo too."
"I have no desire to and have never expressed what could be considered a hint that I would want to be one!"

Nor do I believe that I have the defective serotonin regulating gene that creates them and those who are dependent minded and live imaginary lives of delusion.

Then they will say you are weak, emotionally insecure the euphemism Emotionally Unstable or Frail.

"No I am not weak minded, I would have no problem putting the criminally minded mentally defective in the gas chamber!"

"Then they will say that you are outright psychotic."

"No I am not psychotic. I believe in the United States Constitution and that all who believe in and practice torture should be executed."

Then they will declare that your belief system is purely delusional.

No I have no delusions about what I am capable of achieving because I have indeed successfully created a great many things with my God given own two hands.

Then they will say that that means you believe you are Jesus Christ and it says right here in at least one publication of the Diagnostics and Statistics manual that is a criteria for mental illness. Isn't that funny?  If it wasn't listed in the new and improved version that omitted it for some reason they would refer to an outdated version where it wasn't omitted.

"Are you telling me that because I went to church and learned the teachings of Jesus Christ in order to think and behave like him it means that I believe that I am him?  Honey I know my own name!"

But what does that referring to outdated versions of the devils manual really amount to? Creating a larger net to subjectively demean your Constitutional based belief system!

"Oh if I could only be allowed to help him,"  she protests.
"It would be a great help to me if you and all those like you left the country and never returned."

They don't stir your heads with metal rods until you can no longer speak anymore.  They don't have to when they can dope you!  And once you are doped the odds of you becoming un-doped are very slim!  Are street drugs really gateway drugs to psychiatric drugs?  Yes!  Even alcohol is known to cause alcohol psychosis believed to be temporary.  If you agree with me on this philosophy I have a petition out there that all drug dealers should mandatorily receive the death penalty!  Okay you don't agree with it? And believe that I need a mental examination because of my belief system?  What kind of a person is it that would judge a righteous person like me?  What kind of God awful person would want to judge a person as literate as I am?  What kind of God awful person would want to play God with your natural belief system?  Someone that envies you!  And the Pope did indeed just reveal the source of that envy to be "Existential Schizophrenia."  I have been telling you all along that the people who hear voices and experience mental attrition from them are not the real schizophrenics.  In the Popes speech from yesterday he articulated that with weaker phraseology.   Were getting there!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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