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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Peer review in the medical field is useless 12 31 2014 UPDATED

Peer review in the medical field is useless

Pier review rather than review by justice is indeed the basis of medical fraud!  And it amounts to genocide!

It was mentioned in this morning Journal Sentinel Article with regard to Aurora Health Care not complying with a Federal Inquiry into medical practices!

Pier review?  It is like allowing the head of one organized crime family adjudicate on the head of another organized crime families activities and the result of it be a binding legal decision!

They are just unbelievable aren't they!

It was okay because my golfing buddy said so?

Do you know how that will end up?  Just like the John Doe Investigation did! With thousands of documents as evidence being ordered to be destroyed by a crooked judge!

Do you know how they think?  They being someone covering up high profile crimes?  "How would a beer drinking couch potato look at the issue from their point of view?  That is the only standard I need to think about!  They will just assume there was something about the situation or news story they were not intelligent enough to figure out and go on about there non living standard American life.  A beer drinking couch potato doesn't know what the laws and sentences should be!"  All my life I never could stand people who thought they could pull the wool over the publics eyes!  I loathe them!

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What is Peer Review in the medical industry?  Two queer Doctors in a closet gently stroking each other off!


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