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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chinese Goods are Propagandized as Creating a Commonwealth in the United States 12 24 2014

Chinese Goods are Propagandized as Creating a Commonwealth in the United States 12 24 2014
A commonwealth isn't established by having a communist produce your goods cheaply via slave equivalent labor. A woman who had connections or some knowledge of a Chinese worker stated the Chinese worker said, “We are not fine.” It means that something is being done to them! When you think of Corporate America subverting U.S. Labor and Environmental Laws by having goods made in Communist China where they have to wear masks every day to keep from suffocating; does your mind also harken to the fact that Putin stated that 85% of the founders of Communism were Jewish?

What is having a communist country make your goods for your country, it means that your beneficiary country is not a commonwealth but really an imperialist nation!

The belief that inexpensive Chinese goods makes us the equivalent of a commonwealth is a self serving delusion!

We believe in Equality. That means we interact with countries that believe in Equality when trading and establishing a commonwealth! Incidentally what is any form of Gun Control, other than it is obviously Unconstitutional, it is the belief in INEQUALITY! In that form it is really a projection of your own self weakness?

What are those Chinese goods like? It is like saying we believe in Human Rights and then torturing foreigners for their oil! Some how we have mentally defective leadership that doesn't really know what we are about in the United States! They were not able to learn United States history with human Comprehension!

That ill leadership is the equivalent of Divine Right; those who formed this country “HATED”, I repeat, HATED it like the plague! When you read the Founding Fathers quotes on tyranny they directly imply that in order to eliminate it you have to kill it off! They didn't beat around the bush with their use of language! They would have hated George Bush like the plague

I only mention this because cheap Chinese goods have been propagandized to America as the equivalent of us benefiting from the establishment of a commonwealth. When just the opposite is true! I don't believe the honest American Citizen should ever end up paying the price for this institution of mentally defective corruption!

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So given the fact that Communism was founded by Jews it really holds the Gospel of John to the truth when he states, "Only salvation can come through the Jews."  Do you see who is empowered to change the world?  We did indeed see who was empowered to create an economic crisis in the United States.  I think that some individual Jews like to believe in the delusion that they are disempowered in this world, the exact opposite is the truth!


The Thinking Class = Schizophrenic
The Controlling Class = Existential Schizophrenic
The Working Class = Existential Schizophrenic

Conclusion: the "Thinking Class", "The Controlling Class" and "The Working Class" should always be ONE class!  Get it?

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