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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dr. Edmund Forster and the Family Vineyard 12 11 2014

Dr. Edmund Forster and the Family Vineyard 12 11 2014

What this allows me to consider is the effect on the sperm of alcohol and its role in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!  I have not looked hard enough to find scientific research to that effect or if there is some it has been suppressed. 

The Father was an alcoholic and the child was born with Mental Retardation?

It likely has to do with research of the sperms inability to from a normal hippo campus when exposed to alcohol!

You can't block alcohol from entering the testicles; it is an aromatic in tissue process!  In high school didn't they fill you with the false propaganda that alcohol can't cross the blood brain barrier?  What a fraudulent argument!  No one would ever have a hang over or get in a car accident if the implied meaning of that was really true!

Alcohol in the sperm.  Analogy 1.  You close the garage and poor gasoline into the snow blower; there isn't anywhere in that inner space of that garage where you won't smell that gas!  Analogy 2.  You get a little oil of mint on your skin by accident or some oil like it from a massage on the skin of any part of your body and you are immediately able to taste it.

So that is all the evidence we really need that it causes oxygen deprivation to the sperm and therefore DNA abnormality and the inability of the DNA to properly unfold in fetal development of the baby in the womb.  That mental function is likely gone right there for the rest of that life just as it is in a drunk!

So what does the son of the vineyard family do?  He talks to a War Veteran and insults him!  "You are a sniveling spoiled brat."  Likely an entire tirade like that!  Lord knows I had to put up with the exact same vile nature in my brief career in the Investment Industry.

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