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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ultimatum to the Pope 12 23 2014

Ultimatum to the Pope 12 23 2014

Now you listen very carefully

1. I want you to repatriate all the Italian mooks in the United States back to Italy!
2. I want you to recultivate all of Italy's vineyards with organic food! That is right, I said food, not mental retard criminal mind creating Wine Alcohol!
3.  The Italian mook's will do all the farming!
4.  That food will be provided free to the rest of the world to end hunger and therefore poverty!
5.  Now us Catholics who live in the United States that will not be repatriated back to Italy can expect to be able to go to the church and be dispensed that Italian organic food!
6.  There will be no more wine for the King of Thieves!

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