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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pope Francis Speech 12 23 2014

Pope Francis 12 23 2014

Beautiful Speech!  We should see you read one like this every single SUNDAY!  Not just once a year!

So you believe that accumulation is a sickness?  You could required all wealthy Catholics who were CONFIRMED, to donate to cure poverty and homelessness!  Unless you feel it would be unpopular with the Cosa Nostra or as you describe the Holy Spirit to be Female?  Just like the Spaghetti Monster is?  You have characterized the Holy Spirit to be female!  What religious justification do you have for this!  Other than begging for mercy from the Spaghetti Monster false God!

So you say Priests and also female clergy lead double lives and need to rest?  Why don't you require that they are administered with antipsychotic medicine in order to prevent them from leading double lives and joining with the heads of normal human beings in paganism?

You accuse them of belonging to a group?  You are affirming that their actions represent organized crime?

One more thing Pope!  I saw two Italian men install this device in the garage in the house next door (corner house) to mine and drywall over the loft so that it can not be seen!  I have the license plate of the vehicle that they were driving.  I want that out of here by Christmas!  I also want every single one of these hell devices out of the United States by Christmas!

Put your money where your mouth is Francis!

It your speech you wrote of group participation in what amounts to ill gained wealth!  You need the Catholic Church to give back everything that it stole from the minds of what the Bible would call Prophets, which are really normal human beings in comparison to the SLOTH you describe in your curia!  You want to end Poverty Pope Francis you give back what you stole!  Do you know what the word REPENT means!  Not once did you list that in your speech per my copy!  You must repent or you face eternal damnation!  And you are the head of the Church so it does indeed fall on your shoulders!

If you do not repent you might be subject to War Crimes tribunals that parallel Nazi Germany!  You think we don't know our History in the United States?  That Italy allied itself with the Nazi Party and wanted to created a horrific Roman Empire World Wide with WWII?  That is exactly the sloth you describe in your speech that permeated our communities worldwide!  You think we don't know that the Mafia hid behind and was supported by the actions of the Catholic Church world wide?  You think we don't know who pulled your strings over the last 9 decades?  You think we don't know that the alcohol you hold high above your head in every Catholic Mass creates a Kingdom controlled by the sloth minded, criminal minded, mentally retarded from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!  Repent and read the label on the wine bottle before you serve it to pregnant women at mass and in the Church meals and all your G@d Damned Italian Wineries!  What a horrific business you supported!  Absolute horror!  What a threat to human civilization you have been!  You think that the Son's of Men don't know it is the mentally retarded sloth that are talking to them in their  heads in ENVY!  You do not have the courage to stand up to that Female UN HOLY Spirit and you know it!  Who raised those sons in your curia to be sloth?  What ugly dominant female drank alcohol while pregnant in order to empower herself over males by created the feeble minded sloth male through the mental retardation birth defect from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!  What an awful kingdom you have created, one in which 43 million Americans have some form of dyslexia!  This is the exact opposite of the Kingdom Come that is preached in every single Our Father prayer!  Great shame you should have!

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And what is all that curia as one of a body obedient to a head?  It implies that Pope Francis is the King of Thieves!  A thief having a body but no mind, as the sloth YOU describe your curia to be!


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