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Thursday, December 18, 2014

George Bush Created a Foreign Spy Network in the United States with EB-5 12 18 2014

George Bush Created a Foreign Spy Network in the United States with EB-5 12 18 2014

George is the greatest American traitor in the history of the country.

Under the EB-5 program wealthy foreigners can come here if they invest money here.  From places like communist countries like Russia and China whereby the money was given to them by Government favoritism in the first place, hence they are only spies for that Government when here!  We have seen this countless times!  The last one involved magnetic resonance imaging technology secrets being sent to China!

And what is EB-4?  It is stated to be very vague with regard to those who want to continue to practice their religion in the United States?  Does that mean the creation of mentally ill Americans for their benefit?

Some day on the Horizon there might be legal bounties issued for these people as well as those who have willfully murdered through the Corporate shield.

Foreigners with money?  It totally undercut the assentation of the middle class didn't it!

I see why the Republicans don't like Obama!  He deported quite a few!  Is his strategy to seem like he isn't deporting while he really is!  That keeps the heat off of him while he gets the job done.  Perhaps I should have shut my mouth.  But I couldn't resist.

I think all these EB-5's need to be deported too! There money will stay in this country though.

I think that the United Nations should charge George Bush with War Crimes, for torture!  Also any members of the United States Military or Intelligence Gathering Operations need to stand trial too!  Whatever process the United Nations needs to implement to get the process started they need to do so today!  And we go right down the line to all those who approved torture!  Now that is how we clean up this country!  And it needs to be done!

We still don't know what all 1600 Nazi scientists brought over to the United States were involved in!  Were some of them involved in technology used to victimize human beings in order to give them the symptoms of mental illness?  Without a doubt! That was what they did to people in Nazi Germany!  Horrifically tortured them and observed them!   How many victims of mental illness will say it resulted from trauma? How many Russian immigrants have been up to no-good since the first day that they got here?  A very high percentage!  But lets see the United States Government man up to it!  Sign the Petition that will force the United States to reveal exactly what those Nazi Scientists were up to!

It is very interesting to note that Italy wanted to create a new Holy Roman Empire during WWII!  Rome was bombed by both the United States, Germany and also Great Britain during WWII!  Vatican City was bombed by both the Germans and Great Britain.  With the Catholic Church sexually molesting THOUSANDS and some of us hearing voices of unseen people, it appears that the Italy did indeed establish its horrific Roman Empire the entire world over, didn't it!  Is that a race that is incompatible with living among human beings; that is question I honestly ask myself quite often!  What are you doing here?

Will it be considered a War Crime in the future for our Government to hunt down those who have used technology to artificially induce the symptoms of mental illness in human beings?  I am letting you know ahead of time what the world is going to have to do to reassert freedom.  And it is not a War Crime to hunt down War Criminals; just so history will not look on the actions our Government will have to take unfavorably.

But back to Bush's EB-5 spy network.  If they had truly earned the money in the foreign country that they came to the United States from then they would have no need of coming here!  Why? Because when you can earn money you can earn it again; in the same place!  That is the way honest potential to earn money works!  And what did we see in the paper today?  A Russian woman yelling that Tsarnov is innocent.  I believe he ought to get the death penalty!  And then we observe those Russian Americans who say it was unfair and deport them back to cabbage patch communism.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2014
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