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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Question for Black America 12 31 2014

Question for Black America 12 31 2014

Does a black man have a predisposition to being a drug user?

I only ask this as I hear a black man on the radio volleying that marijuana should be legalized.  That is why I have to ask!  If a black radio personality believes it needs to be legalized then that question needs to be asked!

I had thought that in a future world there could be peace!  That communities even if they are of a certain race can live in harmony! Now I know that certain whites seem to have a predisposition to being drug users but I would never extend that belief to encompass all of them as that black man on the radio would seem to imply with regard to it needing to be legalized.  And I don't believe those whites you have a predisposition to be drug users belong in our neighborhoods!

The question is what prevents a black community from degrading to drug use?  Can it be prevented from happening?  How would a black community regulate that from happening?  When the punishment for that crime was left up to them to administer would they do it?  We really haven't seen any black leaders emerge of that point of view.

And from what I hear a black persons belief system is of, "It is okay for them to do what they want as long as they don't get caught!"  So indeed I have found a second negative point in regard to the matter!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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