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Monday, December 29, 2014

Heavy Blanket Spinal Decompression Therapy 12 29 2014

Does wonders for lower back problems.  Buy one large enough so you can wrap in it; the largest size they have!

Only buy this one!  They no longer list it on their website!  However you should be able to find it directly through them or an internet search!

Also this product will protect you from hearing percussive synthetic telepathy based voices!!

It is percussive, United States Navy based technology. How do I know it is percussive? This product will shield you from it! Buy one big enough so that you can wrap in it. But sleep in a manner where you can ensure breathing while sleeping. It will also help cure spinal compression. And it has a "silver" interwoven into it which provides a faraday cage! They won't be psychoenergizing from your life while you are in your bed! Believe it! I have known a few that are in the Navy today and they are pure filth! They would beach wales! In their ranks are FDR who repealed mental retardation causing alcohol and George Bush who advocates torture! There are very few products that I recommend! But this is one!

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