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Friday, December 19, 2014

Defeating EB-5

Defeating EB-5

Do how do we defeat the  numerous spying operations that have commenced under George Bush's Immigration Act of 1990 and EB5?

So far in Wisconsin there have been at least two cases of EB-5 Chinese here who have sent technology secrets back to China.  Very simply congress has the power to declare the value of foreign currency.  It is written right there in the Constitution!

An act of economic based spying is all that is warranted to declare the value of Chinese currency is worthless in the United States!

Great Britain based banks laundering Mexican or Columbian drug currency coming into the United States is all the justification we ever need to declare their currency is not translated into United States dollars.  Any country or bank that launders it through a cross currency will have their currency declared worthless too!

Italian Spies infiltrating the United States and sexually molesting 1000's of children here?  Well that Italian currency will be worth nill here!

And what about foreigners who came here and practiced clandestine operations in the United States and demonized our Citizens under EB-4 the practice of torture as religion?  Well they get to go back to their country of surname origin and that countries currency is declared worthless in the United States!

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