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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gold Watch Gypsie Banking 12 14 2014

Gold Watch Gypsie Banking 12 14 2014

Don't have much of a basis for, and it looks very simpleton to me but I thought I would post it anyway, this but I think something like it is going on.  In support of myself a ponzie scheme almost put us into a genocidal depression and crooked CFO's have bankrupted companies by setting up false payees on the payroll or accounts payable system so it isn't too far off!

A banker takes in a gold watch and labels it currency.  So there is a line item inconsistency.

Then he gives the watch to a friend and they bring it in and he labels it deposited currency?

Perhaps it is payment for a fake mortgage on the books?

Then at the end of the year the mortgage is written off?

When you walk into a bank, isn't that what the employees look like to you?  That is how they look to me!

The banking system relies on people with integrity working for it.  What happens when those are not the people working in the banking system?  That mortgage fraud back in 2007 was widespread.

How can you have a Financial System when those in it are criminal?  How do you keep the criminal minded out of the financial system?  There should be a delinking between the financial system and the police and peoples homes?

Have Corporate profits increased inflation to the point that the price of a home is unrealistic?  Yes.  Does that need to be reversed and negated?  Yes.

The next point to make is, if those at the top of the financial chain have been fraudulent and there is some sort of cease fire on kicking people out of their homes, should the bankers that created that necessitation be a part of the leniency?  I have to say no!  So how do we accurately create that list of bad people?  First we would need government level access to records!

And wouldn't that be the greatest source of entertainment ever for the country?  Watching evil rich being legally evicted from their homes for participating in racketeering?  Look that wealthy man isn't cooperating with the police?  Looks like they are going to end the stand off with gunfire!  Hasn't happened like that yet in the history of the United States has it.

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