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Friday, December 19, 2014

How to prove that Schizophrenia is Medical Fraud 12 19 2014

How to prove that Schizophrenia is Medical Fraud 12 19 2014

My observational scientific evidence of what decreases the intensity of the voices, which proves they are not originated in your head, such as when you submerse yourself in water the voices are up to % 80 less!!!  And the fact that ionized air breaks up the transmission signal tells me that it is technologically created.

Every United States Citizen who has heard voices and their family members should be given a bed frame of the following shielding architecture.

A sheet metal channel 4" inches thick, surrounding the bed to a height of 16"  Underneath the bed is also a channel.  This frame structure if filled with ionized air, ionized water, or inonized metallic silver or copper water would serve as a faraday cage the voice technology could not percuss through!

Additional elements could include lead plating or coating, grounded capacitor shielding, and perhaps and vent able lid!

A Mr. Landwier of the Whitefish Bay Writing for Publication group once told me that his son was involved in research into how to create sound at a distance!!!  A Lorad is one of those devices!  And that company makes millions of dollars which means that they are deployed throughout the world!

But that is not the only technology that is used, EMF and Microwave transmissions are also used to create synthetic telepathy and drive honest United States Citizens temporarily permanently (like the sticky notes) insane!

Every one of us anywhere in the world who is dunned for their human mind by voices should have this bed frame technology GIVEN to them!

My research tells also tells me that the technology has trouble broadcasting through a moving channel of AIR!!!

Barring all that if you hear voices you should buy one of these!  It has silver particles in it which provide some Faraday shielding and also it is gel based which provides projected acoustic shielding!    You will have a good nights rest if you curl up in one like it is a sleeping bag!  I recommend you purchase the biggest size you can afford Cal King or Queen Size.

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