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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Easily Help a Relative Quit Smoking

It is just that easy!  But you say I can't tell someone else they can't smoke?  You would really be preventing them from dying of disease related to tobacco use if you did that!  So why don't you want to prevent citizens of the United States from dying a death from addictive substances that are metabolic poisons?  It doesn't make a very good statement about you or your personal integrity does it!  You are selfish with regard to who should be allowed to ruin their lives whereas you yourself would not?  The problem is that it is an addictive substance!  Good lord what kind of human being would not want to prevent fellow members of his country from dying of complications related to an addictive substance!  What a horror you are!  You lose your arguments basis as one should be free to do whatever they choose because of the definition of what an addictive substance is!  What a horror!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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