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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

On a Madman and his torturing Regime 12 09 2014

On a Madman and his torturing Regime 12 09 2014

Just because you believe something is legal doesn't mean that it is.

The wishful thinking criminal mind believes it can rewrite the laws so that they can commit torture?

Just because a former President states that he did not commit a crime doesn't mean that he didn't.

The criminal mind never believes it can do anything wrong.  That is what is called Divine Right and it is what those who founded this country loathed more than wooden teeth!

I think we need to clarify the issue of torture as being an offense punishable by the death penalty! 

Is the Supreme Law of the Land The United States Constitution enforceable with Deadly Force?  Yes it is!  That is the Spirit of that Law!  That is why it was created!  It doesn't matter if those who are in power do not want to interpret it correctly!

The Constitution states very clearly you are not to use cruel and unusual punishment!  It doesn't say oh you can use it on certain people because the attacked America.  In fact a torturing regime is one that incites War against United States Citizens and needs to be removed from our leadership by us, so that we do not incite war against us. 

You can't do things like that and then connect strings of faulty legal premises that contradict the United States Constitution whereby in effect you are exerting Divine Right.  Divine Right is where the person in power does what ever they want and no one is allowed to question it for fear of persecution or death!  It is no less than rule by the mentally defective!

So people were tortured in foreign lands by our faulted leadership?  It is a crime against humanity punishable by the death penalty in most countries of the world.  During a declared War it is also a War crime.  Should George Bush and his torturing regime be extradited to stand trial for war crimes and a crime against humanity?  I believe that is justified in order to preserve the Constitution and the integrity of the United States!

And where did those other countries likely get the idea for that law whereby torturing someone is a crime against humanity punishable by death?  Did it indeed come from the United States Constitution not allowing cruel and unusual punishment?  Did it come from Adolf Hitler receiving a dose of mustard gas and becoming a mad man; and from WWII?  Did George Bush's family money come from a Bank transfer to the United States from a Nazi Germany steel company?  The evidence I read supports that.

So let's see if the legal community acts on this one.  Will they be true?  If Nazi War criminals were executed how can you say that United States War criminals should not be.  The only way you would believe they should not be is through Divine Right and that is not the form of Government we have in the United States!

If the Jews prosecuted Nazi War criminals then they should also prosecute United States War Criminals.  Why?  Because it isn't supposed to be a subjective belief system.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2014
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