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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The History of Tobacco Plantations in the United States 12 27 2014

The History of Tobacco Plantations in the United States 12 27 2014

The distinction needs to be made between the activities of Great Britain and the will of the Puritans.

Bringing slaves to work on tobacco plantations had to indeed have been done by what is the equivalent of Pirates!  Albeit they were called mercenaries and granted limited liability for their actions by the Queen of England in the form of what was called a Corporation.

Now the colonists did indeed have conflict with the Native Americans, the Indians!  Great Britain sided with the Indians and attempted to support them in wars against the colonists!  Great Britain also supported that slave owning South in War during the Civil War to free the black slaves.

Surgeon General's Warning Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema and May Complicate Pregnancy.

If Great Britain was siding with the Indians and they were, were they also supplying them tobacco?

Okay so what am I getting at?  Read this warning label:
Surgeon General's Warning Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema and May Complicate Pregnancy
Plus the fact that they are addictive.
Now I believe that the Englishman Warren Buffet who is the richest man to make it in Investing and is of English descent had a large stake in Philip Morris a manufacturer of Cigarettes common stock.
Are the fixed income yields on tobacco debt higher?  I believe they were.  So in effect the rich are able to earn money on their money by investing in that debt.
But also who is footing the bill for all the health care expenses in the Surgeon Generals Warning plus more?  It is the Union of the United States of America!  Now just consider that when you hear chain smoker John Boehner complaining that he wants the Government to be shut down!!!  Extremely bothersome isn't it!  Couple that with the fact that Barrack is a smoker who allegedly has quit!

So a key question for me to research is when those tobacco plantations started!  Now that could not have been Puritan initiative because the Puritans believed in personal responsibility and accountability.  Now what am I getting at?  At some point was there an Great Britain Pirate invasion of the South and parts of the North that involved owning slaves!  Here is why it wasn't a Puritan initiative! Now follow the logic!  The Puritans wanted everyone to know how to read so that they could obey laws and not get arrested!  Arrested means imprisoned!  And what is slavery?  In effect it is imprisoned labor?  I don't see how you can argue otherwise!

So when were the first tobacco plantations and who owned them and via barbaric means brought the slaves here via pirate boats; no less!  It had to have been Great Britain who also aided that economy during the Civil War we fought to free the slaves!! Right!

And were there poppies grown for opium in the United States at some time?  I have to research that too.

And what about Cotton?  Seems very benign doesn't it?  Not when you what was stated on 60 minutes many decades ago, that Organized crime takes 10% of all textile profits entering the United Sates through New York!  Think of that when you hear of how some famous lady just started her own clothing line!

So here are the main points again.  You ban tobacco per the Surgeon Generals warning and our Constitution and what happens to the wealthy of the United States who rely on the fixed income market?  When you can't earn money on your money any more you start to lose money,  then you have to earn it?  So how do they do that?  By very cleverly forcing every United States Citizen to be required to pay for health insurance to treat those of the surgeon generals warning plus a great many more from ailments and afflictions not listed.  So where does that go eventually?  It bankrupts the country and Great Britain Imperialism has won and defeated the United States!  The wealthy will still be wealthy however!

And again it is a piracy of the United States concept and therefore represents an insurgency!  Now it is very hard to ferret out isn't it!  But do you see it more clearly after reading this? 

Let me add this petition part.

Enough is Enough, it is addictive, our Constitution was written to protect our general health and welfare.  The Production for sale or gift should have been banned when the Surgeon General issued this warning.
Surgeon General's Warning Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema and May Complicate Pregnancy
It hasn't been banned because there are great profits to be made from the illness and death is causes?
Your Constitutional Right to Liberty is blatantly violated when you are sold or given an addictive (and deadly) substance.  Why?  Because it is addictive you are not at LIBERTY to stop taking it!
Now after those health care costs bankrupt the United States what happens?  The reinstitution of slavery with the addition of mandatory organ donation of those who died from any cause; updated per modern surgical capabilities of course!
So in effect cancer causing cigarettes must be defeated in order to save the United States and protect the United States Constitution!  Now what happens when a President who takes and oath to protect the Constitution either knowingly or unknowingly does not?  It is an impeachable offense!  But what happens if you don't catch up to that crime much later after he is out of office?  Now here would be the start of another petition; to prosecute those who failed to protect the United States Constitution while they WERE in office.  Basically it means we can have someone in there that loiters and then the nation goes to tar sands because the next President pardoned them.  We also can't have the wool pulled over our eye's and people who don't understand either knowingly or unknowingly what the Constitution really means and the spirit of why it was created.  A little wordy sentence but you get the idea.  No plausible deniability allowed for ignorance of the Constitution while President!  No propagandizing it to be something that it isn't while in office!  And what of those organizations who have propagandized policy that is clearly anti- Constitutional?  I believe that they represent and insurgency.  Again the founding fathers wanted everyone to be able to read so that they could obey the law!  They believed in drinking alcohol only in moderation!  They would have never wanted mentally birth defective children (from drug using parents including alcohol, updated per current scientific knowledge plus what the Colonists knew!) to be put in the adoption network via the Imperialist Catholic Horrific Roman Empire Pro life agenda!  They also would never want children to be put in foster homes and abused just slave masters abused slaves; that is why, again counter to George Bush's propaganda, Unconstitutional as cruel and unusual punishment!  Can't do that George so what do we do about you and the legions of American Republicans who support you for your Anti-constitutional belief system?  You should have considered that Constitution your God George!
So again sign this petition in order to save the United States and establish freedom worldwide through United States Integrity!  Integrity starts with compliance with the United States Constitution!

What kind of a man allows another man to suffer from an addictive and poisonous substance; who would step back and say it is their own fault when it is addictive?  A Doctor Blood Money!  To me that isn't what the spirit of the United States should be allowed to continue to be!  And the Constitution regarding the full meaning of liberty must be protected!  You are also not at liberty to defer the cost of healthcare for the tobacco using recipients to the general population in order to maintain a bad fixed income market and wealth!  It is taxation without representation in this manner, I do not smoke to get an expensive disease to be treated by the funds of the general taxpayer while supporting the profit of pirating Corporations and nor do I profit from it; how can you foot that bill to me?  It is Unconstitutional!  Right there in the Constitution it is!  So Barrack broke the Constitution didn't he!  That is an impeachable offense.  But he broke it in a manner that didn't seem like he did, didn't he!  As if he was really fighting as hard as he could for health care against the Republicans, etc!  Great form of machination; seem like you are fighting as hard as you can against an opponent when really you are not and you are both going to reach the same point; as pre agreed upon?  Make a show of it!  Give us your best MAli oops, excuse me, Ali antics while at the podium?  You are propagandizing that you are a fighter?  Am  I the only one who saw those Mohamed Ali mannerisms?

It almost seems like I am asking too much to have a clean government!  It shouldn't be that low as for us to have that generalized view of defeat belief should it!!!!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 12 27 2014 at:

And Christ I could get into Sugar Cane in Haiti and pirate rum production and how the mentally defective mind degrades to witchcraft and criminal behavior and Voodoo!  Voodoo being narcotics distribution?  Don't believe me look at the pictures of Meth victims!  Isn't arguable!  Don't attempt to get on television and be the great debater to the contrary because if you do you are really a national shame!


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