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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Doctor Phil Show Today 12 24 2014

The Doctor Phil Show Today 12 24 2014

I saw him interview a violent child of about 8 to 12 years old. Here is what Dr. Phil didn't see.

  1. He didn't mention how tiring it was for that child to talk to him! What was that indicative of? That child never had to think in terms of a disciplined and respectful manner! It also means that him talking to Doctor Phil was like an alibi front personality! Hence very exhausting for him to keep up “The appearance” What one wonders is where his mind wants to immediately degrade to when he no longer had to talk to doctor Phil.
  2. The eyes are indeed part of the brain. A clear piece of skin forms on the front of the head where they eyes then form from or as the brain develops too! It is creations way of enjoying creation! What do I therefore view farsightedness, blindness, etc as? They are indicative of mental brain birth defects! But the Soda pop glasses are particularly disturbing. I have known at least two people like this in my life and they were both mean bullies. One was a High School drug dealer and the other was a violent and mean kid, whose mother was blind. As I remember he was a violent pederasty homo! (Not to me though, to some Polish boy they put in their sleeping bag on a boy scout camping outing.) That's always what I thought happened when I saw them both in the same bag, and I had told him not to go in that G#d damned tent!
  3. That kid had already demonically possessed Dr. Phil to slap himself and Dr. Phil didn't even realize it! Dr. Phil did indeed slap himself!
    That child hit, punched, kicked and spit on his mother! He threatened to kill his Grandmother. He threatened to kill his mother. His father admitted that he himself was emotionally disturbed in what might be termed the irritable way all his life! And still did not have it together.

Doctor Phil was pretty straight about it, he said that there is going to be a violent conflict between you and this child. This child is strong now and could kill you.

Here is what I thought when I saw the kid, there needs to be a place that children like that can be taken to where they can be said goodbye to forever. And the father should have been sterilized before he ever inseminated the boys mother. If they can get away with Kevorkian killings at every hospital with what is called hospice service through morphine injections then they can do the same with what I believe will lead a trail of violence and traumatized human beings wherever it goes! No it doesn’t belong in the Army at age 18! No it doesn't get to be on television and be all cutesy! No it doesn't get to pretend to know what the best investments to sell you are! No it doesn't get to form a day care center! No it doesn't get to be a teacher or priest around children. No he doesn't get to be an extortionist or tax collector!

But there was one sign of hope! The child indicated that a father law said to him that when his mother wasn't home he would beat his ass. He said that to him just once. But you know what? It doesn't mean anything at all and here is why! The mentally defective are hypersensitive to their rights and false ego being violated! That is why you can't tell them anything for fear of being victimized by them! Touchy isn't the word for it! It is an entirely different psychological construct that hasn't really been documented. It isn't megalomaniac either! It is more of a believe of omnipotence and persecution of those who it feels insecure to! For some reason that belief system is fostered or supported through their interaction with their parents! I happen to know that mental retardation travels from parent to child in a great many cases! Psychotic means a break from reality. So that term doesn't apply to this child either because he is very calculating! Do you know what the term should be? Damianism!

So where is the element of hope with this child; and I don't believe he will ever be a benefit to society! In fact when you hear the term victims of gun violence don't believe it! Some who lose their lives in gun violence might better be termed “Beneficiaries of Gun Violence.”

But here is how if this kid could be helped they could help him and I don't believe they ever will be able to! However that child was forced to behave while talking to Dr. Phil he needs to be made to behave that way 24 hours a day 7 days a week! I want to say put him in a zoo!

I don't know whether they were slavic or polish or Jewish, but you are going to hate me for this, some villages in Poland the children couldn't wait to kill the Jews. This child looks like that is what he waits for; opportunity to harm people! So sure you could set him up in a situation that he doesn’t know is being monitored to see how he interacts with one or two or three other children and a victim child when alone, but good God this child has had all the attention he already deserves in life! He has even been on national television!

And I can give you a few archetypes of children that your child needs to watch out for, and one is that kid with the soda bottle glasses from farsightedness! Why is it antisocial defect? Because human beings learn love through grooming one another, through closeness through a parent holding a child! I believe that is a birth defect of a different race defined in such a manner that it can't see close to it because it doesn't have the genetics of human warmth, caring and love in it's DNA! Another archetype of a bad kid is one that wants to feel your groin when wrestling. Who was wrestling with that kid you ask? His sister that is just as bad as him? Or his drinking father? What I am getting at is that some of us wrestle and we know not to harm and we naturally know the limits. The kid that doesn't again seems to lack a very important human characteristic. And I don't believe it is a do unto others what has been done to me. I believe it is more along the lines of that child's brain knowing it is cognitively different and wondering if other males are males too like it? But what it is really like is a monkey among us attempting to de evolutionize the human race? Which brings me to analogy. They found a boy that had been raised in the wild by monkeys. They tried to “domesticate” it but the other children were scared of it because it didn't keep its hands to itself! So the euphemism they used was that they had to do away with it. Now in George Bushes twisted brain world, you will be expelled from a classroom if you were scared of such a child! If you were scared of a sexually molesting primate child it means that there is something insensitive about you! It means that you are really causing that child's violence because of your fear of it. And the hippy “Bread” band listening to teacher at the religious school will accuse you of wrongdoing because she feels you didn't forgive that child raised by monkeys and therefore it is causing the emotional trauma of the child and its violence to the other children.

My belief was just reinforced, they need to be able to take that odd child, that by Dr. Phils facial expression scared the cr@p out of him, someplace where they can say goodbye to him for good. A good short story to read is by Philip Dick called the Pre-persons.

And when they leave that child and say their final goodbyes they don't need any Church to question them about it later in life and attempt to pitchfork up non-existing emotions! Anyone who watched that show had seen enough of the kid already! Do you know what I think? An odd emotioned priest makes up that how sad all women who had abortions are later in life! He can't handle the counseling needed to talk to her! So he puts the blame for the guilt he internalizes onto us! He doesn't say look that bottle of wine over their causes mental retardation! He doesn't say you should have never conceived a child while under the influence of alcohol because there is a high likelyhood of the child having a brain birth defect akin to mental retardation. Again these are men that don't love women and really have no other place to go in life upon adulthood! If you don't love women enough to marry and love one how can you ever take a stance that they should keep their children! Good God you don't want to be a father to their child or any child but you want them to keep them just the same. What is the construct of that already? It is the priest projecting his self pity into the world with this psychological construct, “I don't like women and couldn't get a real job, perhaps they could justify that I should not have been born too?” That isn't quite the articulation I was looking for but it is fairly close.

I just really want the voices to leave me alone so that I can live a normal life! I am not hear to be what the Prophets referred to themselves in the Bible as, “Hosts!”

But if you believe that the 1600 Nazi's repatriated to the United States might have been involved in torture and creating psychiatric drugs to deaden the minds of their victims as well as using electro magnetic spectrum weapons to torture (including microwave hearing) then please sign my petition, if not enjoy the life you are going to have with progeny like that.

But here is what is going to happen. The next time you watch television they are going to say how that child was really precocious and became such a prodigy and benefit to society! They won't tell you he stole the soul and future of a human being victimized to hear voices for his fear ear minded benefit.

And I really think Dr. Phil is full of Confederate beans; and likely lives a life of existential schizophrenic knowledge!  It is the way he stairs into the camera like, "You ought to be happy now for I have done the work of good!"  What does it look like to me resentfulness or apathy in demanding approval?  Something like that.  "As a fragment of you, I filled your role for you so why do you need to exist?"

Sure get the black boys in the white uniforms that raped and starved people to death at the Milwaukee County Mental Health complex to come to my house as part of an evaluation team?  Who in Gods name do you think you are fooling?

Maybe I write because I know you will never read anything else like this in your life ever!

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