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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Bush Family Killed American Family Traditions 12 12 2014

The Bush Family Killed American Family Traditions 12 12 2014

Subtitled: There is something over there in China that belongs to us!

Where is the family tradition of passing something that will last, down from generation to generation?

Even something as simple as a sturdy fan made all of metal?

Plastic won't last! It is cheap and frail! It cracks over time and is junk! Our metal was all sent to China on scrap metal boats! Who would take that from America? George Bush Sr. was Ambassador to China!

I am not going to say the story gets better when it really gets worse. It gets even worse!

So where is all that metal to make things that will last? It is the re-bar of recently built high rise buildings that were built in China! That is right they sequestered that metal and put it in the rebar of modern multistory concrete and rebar and steel beam building after building!!! They built a great many cities like this in China! And they are all completely VACANT!!!! Why? Because their people are paid peanuts a day and could never afford to live in them!


Something over there in China belongs to us; and it isn't a clan of freak sons that believes in torture!


Now I am transitioning to off topic here. But pay attention. Many of the soldiers in Vietnam can down the Ho-chi Min trail from China! U.S. Soldiers were not allowed to pick them off on the hillside as they were coming down because it would have meant declaring War with China. Why didn't they want us to declare War with China? Does it have to do with that odd breed of male that is a Corporate manager and Corporations wanting to make their products in China and strangle the American economy with the profits? Do you remember that back then they were afraid of China! Afraid of going to War with China! Well that is the feeling I remember! Perhaps that was the opportunity for the United States to concur China! And accurately spreading and accurately fostering the United States Constitution in conquered countries is not IMPERIALISM; it is freedom! But they don't want to spread Freedom otherwise they would have forced former adversaries in War to comply with the rules of Freedom the U.S. Constitution!

“Where is Ralph?”

“He was captured in a Vietnam village and is being tortured in a pit.”

I am making a point on War Crimes that were Prosecuted in Vietnam.

I also want to end up with a point on “I saw some things over there!” You have a duty to tell everyone in the United States what you saw! What horror did you see? Did you see two United States Generals kissing each other? Did you see a High School whore making the rounds of the captains tents. Did you see men being raped. I want to say what the h311 do you think the Full Auto mode on that Ar-15 was for?

A village in Vietnam is torturing? You quickly use that God given Machine Gun to exterminate every single one of them in order to prevent a Crime Against Humanity from Occurring! Did you commit a War Crime? No! Why not? You were given a deadly weapon with the implication to use it in justice! Torture is a crime against humanity punishable by the death penalty by the majority of the countries in the world! That village was participating in or facilitating the torture of United States men, something so horrific that it isn't of the standard of humanity! Oh you say it wasn't that village? Sure and after the United States leaves who do they still live with over there? The same people they hand that U.S. Soldier over to in order to receive favorable relations in their community? Did villages that seemed independent receive a benefit for handing over U.S. Soldiers to be tortured? And were there RADAR stations on that Hochimin hill, if indeed there was one, that could pinpoint the exact location whereby a U.S. Aircraft went down and swarm in on it?

Here is something you don't know about how Snake Eyes hunts! Once Snake Eye's spots a United States soldier he fires a series of shots. They are coded as to their length between shots. I am not sure of the exact code. But it works in terms of compass degrees orientation from where his shots are fired and how many enemies there are in front of him and the distance from him! So it might work something like this. 3 shots equals ¾ of 360 degrees North. Whereby 3 shots equals 270 degrees or Due west. Then a pause. Then either the distance or the number of people. Don't ask me how I know, it comes from being a Hunter! What he is doing is alerting others as to your position so that you can more likely be taken.....ALIVE! Why? So that you can be tortured!

Snake Eyes will also create sound at a distance so that he can listen to where your ears here it from! He then orientates himself via what your fear is telling him and where your fear is sensing that noise is coming from!

So these are just my opinions and they are true to me and I have a right to express that! I believe that you had a duty to prevent your platoon members from being captured and tortured!

I don't ever want to hear that I saw some things over there that I can't talk about ever again in the eternity of the United States! We need a database on the web where everything you saw that you couldn't stand is logged for the public to read! None of this female animal minded concept of these things you keep a secret and they have to weigh and tear on your human soul!

If these are the kinds of things you believe in do not hesitate in signing the petitions:

Thomas Paul Murphy

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