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Tuesday, December 9, 2014



A Highly Prominent Jewish Milwaukee Attorney that was disbarred has a son that is alleged to be mentally retarded.

And this is all from putting together my memory from 30 years ago.

How do I know? Because a young Jewish man that I worked with whose father was a Psychologist told me so.

Okay so here are the facts and I am not going to mention any names even though you could figure it out.

That son was the reckless driver of a car down Berkeley Boulevard during the winter. They hit a bump and were airborne. The car flew out of control and hit a tree. Four teenage passengers were killed, but not the driver.

The question that comes into my mind is, “I didn't know the mentally retarded were allowed to drive automobiles?”

Now for some reason I was never able to put that string of facts together in that manner before. And I don't believe that that son served prison time. The younger brother of one of my friends at the time was killed in that car. So when a person who is labeled schizophrenic claims there is “Thought Blocking” THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH! I can remember attempting to put that logical string of ideas together before but never to that point. Perhaps if there were different individuals involved I might have been able to? Thought blocking is kind of like this when it happens. Emotions of don't think about that think about something else. Or a wave of relaxation happens whereby you desire to not think so hard about things and hence you don't bring the premises to conclusion? Or a Don't you dare accuse so and so of that you peasant!

Had those facts been known, at the time, would a case, if any brought, have had a different outcome?

As a concerned parent would you warn your child to get in a car with a driver that was mentally retarded? Should the mentally retarded ever be granted a drivers license? Are they able to? They have to pass a test like the rest of us. But indeed that coworker told me that that kid was mentally retarded.


I also believe that there is massive fraud regarding mental illness! For every one of us who is actively demonized by voices there might be beneficiaries who are dependent minded to them. They hear them thinking and after a decade or two of that they are insane because they never stopped? They might even victimize human beings and electronically harass them? And all the while they still collect disability payments? They don't hear voices to the same degree and meaning that the rest of us do. They hear voices because someone is demonizing the mind of a human being for the benefit of that mind to be shared by them; which allows them to presume adult competency?

Now a voice spoke to me maybe three times as a boy.  One time it said, "You need to be able to trace every thought in your head."

Thomas Paul Murphy

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And what am I starting to get at here.  The trend has been not to prosecute someone that is mentally defective.  But perhaps in every single case those are the people that you should seek to prosecute more!  And I am bridging the gap of understanding between the mentally defective and the criminal minded; they are the equivalent in my humble point of view.

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