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Monday, December 8, 2014

Updated: A Negative Shift in Civilization happens when 12 08 2014

A Negative Shift in Civilization happens when 12 08 2014

Those who are ashamed of their true mean nature are no longer ashamed and want the entire public to know and feel threatened by them!

To elaborate a little bit, when a criminal minded person in any position in our society no longer fears the public knowing that he manipulates human beings through violence and rules by fear.

We are seeing the tip of the iceberg of that negative trend happening.

And it is a very disturbing trend that needs to be put down!

We saw it with a Senator Grimm threatening to throw a reporter off a balcony or kill him in ways that could not be proved.  And we also see it when homeless people are being shot to death?  What officer sanctioned to protect and serve would find it to be an act of chivalry to kill a homeless person; and one that hears voices?  When 99% of a cities police force agree with it, it means we are headed to a dictatorship?  Is the influence of the Roman Catholic Church one whereby we are to degrade to one of the most horrific empires in the world; Rome?

Should Police Officers all have to undergo brain scans to determine that their thinking is indeed originating from themselves as is the case with Real Men!

And perhaps what is even more disturbing is, do we really know how many homeless are killed?  Are people driven from their homes and killed?  And is there an evil lawyer financial element that splits up the remnants of their assets whatever they may be?  As if the national mortgage fraud wasn't enough to convince you of this.  Isn't that just how a new Roman Empire would be established; create a mortgage fraud so that you could target human being American Men and Women for eviction and genocide?  And it is all done to give a happy cognitive life to the image of their momma or "that girl?"

You killed a homeless man are have no guilt concerning it and neither does your Unionized Police force.  So what indeed would the honest American public think if they were privy to your in squad car conversations and night out at the police tavern?  And what is that female mind that drinks alcohol and they talks like a dumb boob in retarded female diction justifying everything they did?  Just listen to that mook talk, it isn't a man it is a female boobs voice.  But why is it?  Because it can't stand the reality of having to think like a man!  Whenever it did it offended the momma!  So it takes cowardly refuge in talking like a dumb boob.  You know that tuff sounding talk!  The voice gets artificially lower as if it is a female attempting to convince itself of manhood?

I think that the killing of a Police Officer has to be on the same terms as an ordinary Citizen.  From the bad human nature we have seen recently I believe it has to be that way.  And just to be fair I would want to see all drug dealers, pimps, and sexual victimizers of children face the death penalty!  So that does indeed help out the police officer and make his job less hard.  But the killing of a homeless person who hears voices is quite a different issue!  Do you know what I think of the homeless?  Those are people who played by the rules and were made homeless because of widespread organized crime and genocide of the Honest and respectable United States Citizen?  How can I easily prove this to you?  Many veterans are homeless!  So I am going to have to start a petition like that!

For the drug trade to infiltrate us to the degree it has is a sign of failure of the criminal justice system as well as collusion with criminals!  How many Police Officers know people or have friends that smoke pot?  How many of them use a prostitute?  How many of them are on the side of the bouncer in all cases of bar violence?  Guarding the doors to where they sell the chemical that causes mental retardation because they have an undiagnosed form of mental retardation?  We need a zero alcohol tolerance in the lives of Police Officers!  ZERO!  It does negatively affect their judgment and it also creates them to be more like a vicious female minded person.  Can you hear them talking already?  The escapism to the inhibition of expressing ideas like a female baboon would; while they drink?

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
Originally published on 12 08 2014 at:

So I went into the Village Hall in Whitefish Bay to vote and what did I hear in the back office by a large man who had his back to me?  It was the EXACT SAME VOICE as I had described as a large man, with an apparent abnormal jaw, that has somehow found a way to talk to me in my head; as if I am his woman!  Do you see what I am getting at?  There can be no mistaking the sound of mental retardation on the voice, the odd undulations of a Jaw trying to milk out its words from a defective brain.  Much like how a person who is deaf sounds like when they speak!  You have brought great shame upon the nation of the free!


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