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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Follow up on my challenge of electorial candidacy of both Scott Walker and Mary Burke 12 09 2014

So I followed up with the Village Clerk with whom I handed the forms to challenge the electoral candidacy of both Scott Walker and Mary Burke before the last election. I had had those forms notarized!

A challenge of the electoral Candidacy required for her to send a copy to the person accused of not meeting the standard whereby they are to appear before the accuser in a court to defend themselves per my memory.

A candidate cannot be a participant in a bet or wager regarding the election. When they receive $10 million dollars in contributions that clause would appear to be violated by them! And it would appear to be a valid objection to their candidacy as per the meaning of that law!

“What did you do with them?” I asked her.

“Oh I scanned them into the GAB.” I knew that GAB meant Government Accountability Board but I wanted to keep her talking.

“The Government Accountability Board.”

All she has been taught that she has to do to be in compliance with her job is to scan whatever is presented to her into the GAB? That isn't how the law reads! More action was required than that per the law! A competency in our Government appears to have been neglected!

Make the job easy like working at a french fry hut?

And what will they do when confronted with any thing like this in the future? Just ignore it and slightly change the law after the fact? We need to pitchfork the ills of the two party system from this country. You know they want to do away with Unions; isn't a two party system really a two party union or a union of two wealth controlling classes? A worker needs a union to protect himself against the fictitious legal concept of a corporation but why does a United States voter need a union? Who needs a union to cast a vote? Who needs to pay to a Union to cast a vote? The two party system is the most crooked form of union that there is!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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