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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Questionnaire for Supreme Court Candidates 03 27 2013

This questionnaire was emailed to the correct email addresses of Justice Pat Roggensack and challenging candidate Ed Fallone.

A Questionnaire for Supreme Court Candidates 03 27 2013
A member of the Supreme Court has to make many very important decisions; as such they have a duty to the public to inform them where they stand on issue before they are elected.  Any legitimate candidate to the Supreme Court would in all fairness seek to inform the public what their opinion is and the basis of it before a vote is taken.
Below I have listed what I believe are important issues facing our Government and Judicial system that a Supreme Court judge is like to face.  I would like to know your opinions on the matters.

1. Tax Exemption of Charitable Status.  What do you feel constitutes an instance where the charitable status of a charitable organization comes into question?
2.  How much proof do you feel the district attorney needs to bring a price fixing case with regard to groceries to trial?  For example why do you feel that a two grocery store chain monopoly in a city charging $6 for three hearts of romaine lettuce whereas it only costs $.99 in another city is not prima fascia evidence of price fixing?
3. The issue of Gay marriage is often brought up in politics and it is mentioned in terms of the Bible. As you well know as a matter of court procedure witnesses are sworn in to tell the truth by putting one hand on the Bible.  Can you site instances from the Bible that either prove it is allowed or isn't?'
4.  Many politicians appear to be citing civil unrest, in my opinion, what do you feel qualifies as citing civil unrest as your interpretation of the Constitution?
5.  Do you feel that modern scientific evidence with regard to the health and safety of consumer products, such as alcohol and tobacco, is a viable reason to take judicial measures with regard to them.
6.  The founding fathers of the United States came here to escape religious persecution and hence it is the basis for much of our Constitution.  What do you feel that means?
7.  There have been accusations in the public eye that psychiatric medications bear some responsibility in mass shootings.  Do you feel that they play a part?  Do you believe that a medicated defendant is an honest defendant?
8.  The Clean Water act has been a law for quite some time but it has not been adhered to.  How do you seek to ensure that laws created are adhered to and not just an appeasement?
9.  Empirical Evidence is very similar to hindsight?  Do you feel that empirical evidence is a valid method of making decisions?  In your point of view when do you believe that empirical evidence can be applied to decision making?  In other words how can you ensure that your point of view with regard to empirical evidence is objective?
10.  Issues regarding Health Care often come up in politics.  Do you feel that it is a valid construct to fail to protect the American Citizens with regard to products and also make a business out of treating them and selling them health insurance?  If not how would you seek to prove that it is unconstitutional?
11.  Women are said to have a one in three chance of getting breast cancer today.  The use of cell phones is widespread and there has been some implication that EMF from them contributes to cell phones.  But more importantly the drug trade has flourished in the United States through the widespread use of cell phones.  Do you feel that the risk to society of cell phone usage might outweigh the benefit in some instances and if you do how could it be mitigated?
12.  Abortion is also a hot topic on the Supreme Court. Autism is also said to be at an epidemic level. Do you feel that a parent should be forced to either keep a retarded child or put it up for adoption?
13.  Laws are often created and then misapplied.  I would indeed argue that the Constitution has been misapplied.  Do you feel that when laws are created that there should also be contraindications in them to keep them from been misapplied?  Forward thinking with regard to how they might be abused?'
14.  Judges often base some of their opinions on the character of members in the court.  How would you characterize the personalities of the lawyers in our judicial system?  You can split your answer between defense and prosecution if you would like?
15.  Do you really feel that the commercial sale of alcohol and tobacco is constitutionally legal in light of current evidence?  How do you feel that the sale of alcohol and tobacco conforms to the spirit of the constitution?
16.  Jesus Christ made a statement with regard to his persecutors, he said, "They know not what they do."  I interpret that to mean that he was saying they did not have the capacity to make decisions based on their own free will.  Do you believe in free will?  What would your opinion be of a race of people that did not believe in their own free will?  Should we be greatly concerned with those who do not live on their own free will?  For example in the mass at Catholic Church they make the statement that one can sin in their thoughts?  Do you interpret this to mean that they are sinning against those who do not live by their own free will?
17.  There are some 46 million Americans on food stamps.  Do you believe that there is a preference of hierarchy with regard to issues facing the United States?  How would you address a preference of hierarchy in order to get a nation back on track?
18.  What would your opinion be of expanding the death penalty to include all child molesters?
19.  In spite of drugs being illegal they are highly prevalent today.  Do you believe they should be?  Why do you believe they are?  What can you do about it?
20.  If you were to discover that there was a race of people that were thirteen times more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of it would you take steps to see that they could not arm themselves in defense of themselves and own guns?
21.  If you discovered that a religion intentionally abused a race of people and deprived them of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness what would your legal remedy be for the victims?
22.  The Supreme Court recently ruled that it is okay to lie.  To me that defeats the nature of the whole judicial process.  What is your feeling on the ruling?
23.  What role do you feel that money should play in the political process?  Do you feel that you have the merit to compete in an election without raising any money or spending any?  If you answered yes, how would you seek to make that the norm?
24.  Initially a company was only granted corporate status if they were found to serve the public good.  That is not the case today.  Do you feel that in some cases the Corporate Status of a company should be reviewed and possibly denied?  State your opinion.
25.  What are your opinion on environmental pollution and its general effects on human health and reproduction?
26.  Are you in favor of pollution control measures that actually seek to address pollution?
27.  How do you feel financial markets can be better regulated in fairness?
28.  How would you define usury?
29.  What do you feel the requisite IQ level for a Supreme Court Judge should be?
30.  Do you feel that public servants should be subject to the highest standard of personal conduct?  If so would you legislate drug testing for them and also make laws with regard to them drinking alcohol?  Do you feel that drinking alcohol furthers a profession?
31.  What do you feel are the most important issues facing the Supreme Court?
32.  Do you feel that it is in the interest of justice for a Candidate to the Supreme Court to receive large donations of money?  If so, why?  Should not opinions be more objective than what amounts to the buying of an opinion and the ability to transform it into plausible Constitutional legalese?
33.  If you found out that a religion intentionally abused a race of people what would your legal remedy be for the victims?
34.  Have you read the Bible for comprehension? If so have you found references or evidence of racism against men by women?  If yes please list.
35. Ronald Reagan made the odd comment about, “What if we were attacked by an alien race?”  And again witnesses in a court of law are required to take a sworn oath with their hand on the Bible.  How do you interpret the Bibles references to, A. “The Satanic not having their own soul,”  and B. “The Satanic being able to read the minds of men?”

I was told by a caller promoting a candidate for the Supreme Court that Tuesday is the day of the election for a position on the Supreme Court.  I have sent this questionnaire to both candidates.  If I do not get a response, I will still vote, but I will indeed write myself in on the ballet.
And if you do answer my questions I will publish them; just as a Supreme Court Justice publishes his/her judgments.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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