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Sunday, March 10, 2013



Only the most serious gym enthusiast may purchase and wear a Boilerplate T-shirt.
A Boilerplate athlete is one who can easily outdo the best of professional athletes in the gym.
A Boilerplate athlete can easily lose 6 pounds of weight in one 3 hour afternoon workout and be in danger of health for it.
A Boilerplate athlete has the most competitive spirit on the planet earth, they make the greatest warriors.
A Boilerplate athlete compete like a true sportsman and seeks to ensure that all games are played with true sportsmanship and respect.
A Boilerplate athlete is one who competes for the joy of the sport and therefore does not seek to win at a sport or in life by underhanded means.
A Boilerplate athlete sets an example of proper conduct.
A Boilerplate athlete is not a pretentious competitor.
A Boilerplate athlete believes in the proper nutrition and natural foods.
A Boilerplate athlete believes in drinking clean and pure water.

A BOILERPLATE is someone that works so hard that others get mad at them!!!!

Boilerplate is a line of clothing by Thomas Paul Murphy.

Boilerplate workout apparel is available at:

Boilerplate T-shirts



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Boilerplate is a Registered Trademark of Thomas Paul Murphy

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