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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Death of a Writer 03 16 2013

The Death of a Writer 03 16 2013

The ancient Hebrew legend tells of a Rabbi placing the truth in an amorphous being.  He placed the truth in him by scribing Emit the word for truth on his forehead.  The Rabbi is said to have killed the Golem by removing the E from the word EMIT and thereby creating the word MIT meaning death!

So therefore in order to be a writer you must never veer from the truth or you will die?

Or might we say, never let the E from the EMIT (the Truth) be taken from your forehead?

Or if you have been prevented from telling the truth you might not die if you tell who prevented you from the truth and tried to take the E from your forehead?  And who would be the likely suspects?

More to say about Golems but if you look on the picture of Prague for the article on Golems on Wikipedia is shows a church that has a ladder going up to the peak where a Golem was supposed to be kept.

Isn't that awful?  To say that in the attic of your church you keep a prisoner?  What kind of horrific religion and worship does this create?  What you would consider to be up there might indeed conform to the Essene Jewish religion of the Dead Sea Scrolls in terms of that person being kept up there being the archetype of an exiled priest?  The implications are quite horrific in terms of world history.

And what are you indeed doing when you are making a mark on the head of someone?  You are indeed being a Scribe!  The Bible has nothing good to say about Scribes!  And did not the Crown of Thorns scribe into the head of Jesus Christ?

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