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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Benjamin Sebena and Candy 03 24 2013

I suspect that candy is to make the taste of the “Abuse” they did to him better?  In the community that I have lived in all my life, Whitefish Bay,  I know of at least four older brothers that abused their younger brothers; two forced felatio and two sexual molestation.  So that type of person is more prevalent in our society than we might have imagined.  Might those prison officers who were fired deserve more than just firing; something called criminal charges?  The public deserves the right to know the meaning of that!
Also, how can he defend himself in court if he has recently been traumatized in prison?  That is not a fair trial.  That is not due process.  And I want to know his exact motive for his, alleged, killing of his wife; not watered down or prepared statements by his lawyer!  Adulterated and washed statements do the public no good!  We deserve the truth, the whole truth and not a Voodoo medicated reasoning.  No-one wants to see the defendant in a medicated stupor!  Something, however maladapted, drove him to kill and we deserve to know what; meaning- the nature of it.  Is he being coaxed to not say what he believes because the lawyer is telling him it is a poor defense?
What am I getting at?  I have seen nuns turn a blind eye while some children are sexually molesting other children at Catholic School; to me that is the nature of the beast in both cases!
And with regard to satanic corruption in our judicial system I know of at least one attorney for the district who had a beast of a woman as a girlfriend!  That is prima fascia evidence of a conflict in our judicial system!
However sick and damning of the defendant we need to know of the defense from his mindset.  And if indeed, from this un-drugged perspective, many persons- defendants, tell the same type of story again and again than we have indeed been misled by our judicial system.  It indicates that there is a problem that has not been addressed!  And because it would be well known time and again in our judicial system it indicates a collusion to prevent justice.  What am I getting at?  You can’t address a problem in terms of prevention and solution if you are misled as to the real premise of the problem.   You can’t prevent murder if you hide the emotion of the actual cause of it?  Or, it takes longer to put together what seems to be a uniformed patterned jigsaw puzzle from the pieces when you don’t know what it is supposed to look like because you don’t have the box top?
Is it right to make a defendant look more docile than he actually is by giving him medication?  Is that a crooked defense?  Or does it really serve to hide the true nature of his rage from the eye of the public; something we needed to see and hear so would could understand it in terms of prevention?
So what is the nature of the beast in our society?  The scheme always works the same; the girlfriend looks at you funny; as if in some form of envy you don’t understand and then her boyfriend appears out of nowhere and makes threatening gestures to you; and all along you were just minding your own business life the tortoise trying to win the race of life.  The FBI was the first to hint at the nature of this secret with the phrase, “What is the most common motivation given for murder?”  - “He was looking at my girl!”  The actual depth of that statement is the start of this paragraph.

I find it hard to see how a piece of candy constitutes preferential treatment?  I would have to do research on if drugs are prevalent in prisons.  But would it be out of the question to take blood tests of all prisoners every year to see if they have drugs in their system from the time they entered?  And if they did the Warden is barred from working in a prison in the United States for life?  Same goes for drugs in the military.  Candy?  It doesn't make sense, doesn't seem substantial.   There is more to whatever it is.  And this is written without any other knowledge of the circumstances of the crime he is alleged of committing as reported to public.

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