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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Good Hair Tonic and Dirt Cheap 03 18 2013

A Good Hair Tonic and Dirt Cheap 03 18 2013

I saw a few grey hairs on my head.  And the gestalt of a memory formed in my mind.  I only realize the origin of the idea now.  I believe it was Sandy Duncan who said that her father was a butcher and to make the old meat look better for sale he would rub rosemary powder on it!

My "Good Hair Tonic and Dirt Cheap" is to put a dollop of vegetable shortening in the palm of your hand.  I am using an all vegetable based one.  It has soybean oil and cottonseed oil in it.  It was very cheap for the 3 pound jar.  I believe that I might prefer to use lard but I can remember if I switched to the vegetable because I didn't like the lard. 

To prepare the hair tonic you put the tablespoon of lard in your hand.  You get the tap water on your sink running warm to hot.  Then you sprinkle rosemary on top of the lard.  Mix it around with your index finger.  Then liquefy it under the hot tap water (some will go down the drain) and rub it in your hair.  Your hair will look much darker.  I believe that because of it's proven revitalizing powers, meaning antioxidant, that you might have dark hanger longer than you would otherwise.  From the knowledge reveal by Sandy Duncan a long time ago on television!  Back then everyone on television did not look like they were AWOL from their high chairs without a pacifier.

Rosemary Powder is very expensive you complain.  I bought a large 12 oz jar from website called, it had to have been a decade ago!  And it is still good.  You don't need to use a lot of it in cooking!!!  My mother has seen it on the counter top forever and wanted to through it out!  My sister came to the house to clean one day and she wanted to do the same!  But you know what?  They all love my cooking and think it is out of this world.

Now that I look at the label it says  The item numbers on it's label are:




Rosemary Ground

As I sit here typing with the Rosemary Shortening in my hair I get a whiff of it and it is refreshing!!!

Are there commercial hair tonics available with Rosemary as an ingredient?  Yes.

While I am on the topic, A bottle of Pure Aloe Vera gel works great for this too!  Rub it in your hair on hot summer days and it will help cool you off!  As a natural gel it holds water close to the scalp.

There are very few commercial hair tonics that don't make my head itch.

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