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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Problem isn't the Guns 03 30 2013

The Problem isn't the Guns 03 30 2013

The Problem isn't the Guns, it is the uneducated, low IQ, Criminal mind that is prevalent in our society.

That is the problem!

And because that is the problem you cannot create increased gun laws that would further victimize those of us who are victims of that problem.

What else is the problem?  There is not one American that believes that either Barrack Obama or Nancy Pelosi or Fienstein has the ability to discern who the real dangers to our society is today!  They all look like odd personalities that lack true insight to me.

The second Amendment isn't something for a little black boy to fool with! If he wants to address the violence and lack of intelligence in the inner city black neighborhoods that is one thing and it is indeed a separate issue.  Is he trying to tell the lone war veteran living in the inner city that he cannot have an AR-15 to protect his home from a rush in of burglars and rapists? 

Barrack doesn't get it because he did drugs himself!  And for some reason he has the confidence to try and indoctrinate our entire population with his cool culture beliefs?  America isn't going to put up with that!

The government has not gotten it right in the past and not a one of us has the confidence that they will in the future, so you do not touch the second amendment.

We should have never touched the 19th amendment that created prohibition either.  Why?  Because we have generation after generation of beer drinking and drug using swine from it!  And that is the problem. 

When Barrack tries to be a police officer, he cannot be a general police officer regarding guns and the United States because it limits our rights!  He needs to address the individual issues where guns were used and were a problem.  But no one wants to do that because they are not intelligent enough to analyze the psychological problems and their causes.  They don't get that right and they never have.  Who needs to analyze the cause of a problem when you can just medicate away the pain and thinking of it.  There is no work involved in that is there.  And that is just the kind of government Barrack likes, one where no one has to really do their own work.  Look at what has happened in the United States, play like basketball, what Barrack likes to do, has replaced the idea of work for young inner city black kids.  Barrack you ought to go become a public school teacher in the inner city for a while and report back to us!  That poverty in the inner city leads to crime and drug use.  The children from those families are extremely difficult to educate!  Barrack that has nothing to do with guns.  As a matter of fact they need to protect themselves from those who are in gangs or stronger.

Are you trying to tell me that Barrack grew up poor?  How many of us believe that anyone who grew up in Hawaii was poor.  Barrack doesn't talk like a poor black boy does he.  He doesn't get the problem.  Has Barrack ever tried to manage a black teenager at his first job?  Try that in an exercise of futility.

And how are you going to create jobs for those who can't be employed?  Tell me how you solve that?  Are you trying to tell me that guns caused that black child not to be able to learn in school?  You have to be kidding me!  Maybe if there is a little black boy who is being coerced, (it means forced Barrack) to take drugs at gunpoint or prison muscle, we give that little black boy a gun to "Fend off" the bad element of our society.  The right to Bear Arms means that we can have anything we want to protect ourselves.

That drug dealer has the mind that is the equivalent of an Animal.  It wants to give your good child drugs because it is insanely jealous of its thinking mind!  That is what has ruined this country!

Barrack why don't you tackle the issue of the mind of the drug dealer as an animal?  Are you going to come out and say there is no proof in what I am saying?  Barrack you are said to have done community work in Chicago.  Did you sell drugs there?  Were drugs peddled through your black churches?  Honest to God it is like Bush and the Texas border and illegal immigrants again.

Barrack hails from Chicago where he went into communities to do work and now Chicago likely has the most gun violence in the country.

That mind of an animal preys on the mind of human beings in every demographic in our society!  It resents the thinking mind because it itself-  it does not have its own soul.  Barrack are you trying to make the claim that all black people do not have their own soul and that is why we need gun control?  Even I don't believe that!  There are good black people just like there are good white people.  That is not the issue.  The issue is that there is an element in our world, that hates the thinking person just like the collective satanic or Devil loathed Jesus Christ!  Talk about that Barrack!  Because our Constitution, and the second amendment, is there to protect us from all insidious forms of the Devil.  Most Americans who are truly educated understand that anyone who poses a threat to our Second Amendment rights has something bad up their sleeve for us!  We know the nature of that filth just like the founding fathers did.  That second amendment is there so that no one can EVER CHALLENGE GUN OWNERSHIP  IN THE UNITED STATES. Barrack was elected and took the oath to protect the Constitution.  To try and defeat the Constitution is an impeachable offense.  The second amendment is indeed part of the Constitution. 

Barrack if you wanted to break whiskey bottles, burn tobacco fields and shanghai all the drug dealers and child molesters in this country I would have absolutely no problem whatsoever with that.  But when you say you want to take away our guns so we can't defend ourselves against a problem that is not being addressed every single American should be livid!

I want to say that if a person has an IQ of 15 they should not be able to have a gun.  But whose fault is that they have that low IQ?  Can we say that our Government or lack of Government policy prevented them from learning?  Does the unintelligent person pose a threat to the rest of us?  Some unintelligent people are just plain good people so it can't be said to be true.  And you can analyze most types of people in this same way.  The bottom line is the criminal element has been allowed to flourish in our society to the point that it wants to make the rules and tell everyone else what to do.  There is no one that has been able to put that criminal element in its place.  And the television is the worst influence on our society in terms of propagating the criminal element.  Barrack if you wanted to pull the plug on every opinionated commentator that would be okay with me too. 

All that I would need to watch on television are the science shows, the hunting and fishing shows, and the craft making shows and cooking shows.  We don't need anymore of those baby bib talkers.  They do not belong on television and should have never been allowed to influence the public.  I also don't need your glorified punk actor crime dramas.  I also don't need College sports.  That is an oxymoron.  It means a contradiction.  Let me explain it, College and sports are two different things!!!!  College is for education so you can get a good job and sports is for play.  What happened with education?  Everyone graduated and realized they didn't work with honest people!  What happened with college sports?  It became a satanic money game!  It drew the money of the alcohol idiots children to the Universities!  It became more important than education.  What most people don't know is that the beast does not want the thinking man to be educated and successful based on that.  Why?  Because it poses a threat to the beast.  So indeed you do have college professors that will subjectively create negative expectations for the non-satanic thinking son.  It is their favorite thing to do!  Do I dare say the mind of Satan does not belong in the field of education?  Do I have to elucidate what religion the beast is of?

And look at what happened in England when they cracked down on the Irish Republican Army?  There were so many Irish boys molested in Ireland by Satanic Catholic priests from England that the Church's are empty today!  The Irish got wise to that evil nature that posed as religion in  a long dress didn't they!  It hasn't happened in the United States.  Barrack is that what you are trying to prevent?

Everyone of those child molesters should have been executed.  Every red blooded American knows that is a crime deserving of the death penalty.  But your liberal wealth and your Republican slime don't want to go there because it means less of them.
 Our second amendment says that we have the right to keep and bear arms.  That means that we can have anything that we want, per my interpretation!  That amendment is there because the founding fathers knew very well how quickly those who should not be in power in our country, the British at the time, could insidiously take control of us! 

What we have is drug freak nation and the offspring of drug freaks, (including alcohol) and that is what poses the greatest threat the world has ever known.  Why because we have the most powerful army in the world.  And we have a known drug user at the helm.  How did he get there?

Look at Barracks face when he says he didn't forget those children?  Look very carefully!  He has an ulterior motive!  Replay that video footage!!!  He looks like the Cat with Canary feathers in his mouth.  What is he doing?  He is inciting civil unrest!!! That is against the Constitution and an impeachable offense!!!!

Barrack your great ideas should not include erasing the great ideas of great men that came before you were elected.  It doesn't work that way.  We don't need someone like you trying to rethink what has already been proven to be valid and true for the land of the free!!!  Step down.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on:  03 30 2013 at

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