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Sunday, March 10, 2013

60 Minutes Review NECC 03 10 2013 Update #1

60 Minutes Review NECC 03 10 2013

Statements in show made without quotes or parenthesis.  My commentary made in parenthesis.
1998 Compounders no longer required FDA oversight. “ As I recall Bill Clinton was President at that time.”
Compounded drugs are not FDA approved.
The story was about a compounding Company named NECC.
They manufactured a steroid to be injected into joints and spines.
The employee and the business implied that they did not know they were going to grow 1000 fold and start doing the steroid business.
The pharmacy is said to have passed a board inspection in 2011
The company had 3000 clients.  “A client being a hospital or hospital management company.”
Many of those clients were in on the fraud from the beginning.
“Those were targeted paralysis.”
The steroid name was methylpregnisterone.(SP?)
48 have died.
Deaths occurred from a fungus contaminated in the steroid reached the brain.
~700 infected with the fungus.  They complain that they are walking Zombies.
As the plant was notified it would be inspected they employees started to clean.
Both interviewer and former employee concluded it was an obstruction of justice to do so.
“The vials in the show had to not have been older than what had been injected in people and they were 50% green fungus!  Who would ever inject someone with that?   Who could see that and not do something about it?  What employee would inject that without questioning?  Doctors are the ones making the injections!  The way I figure it you have the potential of over 700 doctors losing their license to practice medicine and being charged with homicide.”
The plant was located 100 feet from a garbage recycling plant.  “What owner would presume to put a business there?  He should get the death penalty!”
Barry Cadon Sp?
Caden and upper management are said to have withdrawn over $16 million from the company just as the patients injected started to die.
(The solid waste business is controlled by organized crime.  The employee commented that maybe the owner was powerless to do anything about the fungus.  He is implying that the owner did so under duress.  (Barry Cadon might need to be put on the witness protection agency until after he testifies.)
The Mafia is in the recycling business. They are likely Italian fascists.  Was this done in conjunction or at the request of the TParty?  The TParty being involved in paying health insurance premiums and no longer required to do so if they off the recipients?  Did those who were targeted have some knowledge that put them at risk?  Where they against Unions.  A Union not having to fight for an employee who is dead?)
When the employee confronted the President of the company on any issue he just shrugged his shoulders.
A man brought in a box of drugs and said I need you to move these fast and the company was in the drug production business.  My bet is that those drugs were already packaged and the fungus in them.
Compounding: that is mixing or preparing two different types of drugs together. In this case does it mean a steroid and a fungus?  Steroids and fungus?  How can a fungus be steroid resistant??? Was it an engineered fungus?  What specific type of fungus is it?
The question to ask them is what two drugs were they compounding before they supposedly started manufacturing?  And did they really have the capability to manufacture or were they really just relabeling.  There are many questions that a competent prosecuting attorney for the DA could ask that would cause them to reveal all that went on wrong.
Did that fungus come from the dead?  Are there also dead buried in that recycling yard or in conjunction to the business owner?
How would organized labor be involved?  They don’t have to pay a pension?
We raised a whole lot of Cain over Sodom Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction be we also have them here in the United States?  We went after Sodom with a blitzkrieg.  We buried his men with bulldozers.  Should we also go after our own people in the United States because they developed weapons of Mass Destruction or would George Bush object because we would be killing our own people.
The fraud involved in this scheme is of epic proportion! EPIC!
America does not stand as a land of the free when the feeble minded abuse that standard.
You have 3000 clients that are also likely to be jointly guilty of murder or attempted murder.
For those of you who are not informed about the major risk of having an injection in your spine; the greatest risk of death from a spinal injection is death from infection!!!!!  They all know that very very well!  How do I know?  Because I had a spinal injection in 2012!!!!!  I have also had Fungal infections and there is hope for those who are infected, to mention a few treatments I would use Caprlyic Acid, Yeast Fighters by Twinlab, garlic extracts.  And get that metabolism moving so that the fungus is exposed to the natural fungus treatments.  If you would like to know more information you can search my blogs regarding this of if you email me I will search for the links to the relevant articles.  But do you want to know the truth?  The medical industry has a whole slew of antifungal drugs that they could prescribe but they would rather sell their children than do so!
For those of you who do not know the criminal mind of Satan; it learns from your mind right along with you and then seeks to destroy you so that it captures that knowledge for itself and does not have to see through your eye’s anymore!  And that is the only way that it can raise children!
The mafia in the United States was formed by a handshake of a Jew and an Italian.  Have they all become Doctors, Lawyers, Health Insurance Execs, Priests and Solid Waste Company executives?  Those are all the members that you would need for a successful burial group industry. The Burial Group in Italy was the earliest Corporation. Corp coming from the word of the body.  Ration meaning we DIVIDE it up like cannibals.  Is that were the term beatified comes from? Lest we include crooked politicians and the military industrial complex.  Think of the dimwit that lets the pies fall on the floor off the conveyor belt.  As I sit here yet another modern day crime family is glorified with a movie like they are unavoidable? 
We got a big problem here in the United States!  A Big Problem!
I don’t know who is on the Prospectus for NECC company and if they were indeed a public company.  If they were not a public company what Banker would let them withdraw $16 million from them?  That is a death banker!  That Banker paid to have people killed!
I worked for a Institutional Brokerage firm as a Associate Equities Research Analyst and we analyzed companies in the solid waste industry.  It almost felt like a veiled threat to me when the Vice President last name Maxwell asked me if I would like to take a tour of a solid waste dump.

That NECC compounder was located less than one hundred feet from a garbage recycler. Anyone who lives in Milwaukee and has ever driven West on County Line Road knows it is implausible.  It is was is called setting the alibi or conditions precedent to create deceit or a lie or murderous fraud.  You would not park your car and eat lunch on County Line Road next to that dump unless you had an IQ of less than 15. 

And why would the FDA allow that control to be taken from them?  Because they went along with the business initiative of smaller government of the Republican Agenda?  There is a lot of Stink Here!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
60 Min Segment number 2
Men have more ambition to lead than women.  Women want to be successful but then lose interest. Cheryl Sandburg.

Update #1 with regard to specific punishments.

I was thinking much the same thing with regard to the contaminated spinal injections issue on 60 minutes.  That company had 3000 clients.  48 people died over 700 greatly injured.  What is wrong with saying all those people involved in the crime get a lowly stipend and are not able to work because when they do they have been found to endanger public safety and erode Democracy.  Do we really want some people to be able to work when indeed they value money more than the human lives they have taken an oath of "First Do No Harm" to protect.  How else do you make the first that should never be first; last?

The message being,when you do that in the United States of America you will never be able to afford to support a family here and shouldn't have one.

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