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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Financial Reform 03 07 2013

Financial Reform 03 07 2013

Because of rampant fraud and abuse in Corporate America all management should be required to list their home addresses in Corporate prospectuses and 10k's and 10q's filed with the Securities and Exchange commission.

It might even be considered an avenue of "honest collateral" with regard to ensuring fiduciary duty to shareholders.  You have limited liability but you do not have the right to live in anonymity as a corporate officer.  When I went to business school one of the questions the banking exec that interviewed me for M&I (now gone) asked me was how I planned to give back to the community.

Corporations were indeed initially granted limited liability only if they could prove they were of benefit to the public.  But today they serve as microcosm monarchies that indeed do erode the values of a democracy worldwide!  It happened little by little over time and in an insidious manner.

This would keep them honest and accountable.

All homes, apartments and what could be considered living quarters that they own  both in the United States and foreign should be listed.

I can see no reason why it cannot be mandated for the next quarterly report that is due from them within the time frame of 3 months from today 03 07 2013.

If you want to start a petition based on this concept go right ahead.

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