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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two Inventions Needed 03 13 2013

1. Camera flip top polarizing filter.  Background.  Many rifle scopes have covers that flip up and out of the way of the lens.  These covers are indeed transparent and sometimes have filters on them for daylight.  All Cannon Camera lens's should have flip top polarizing filters like on rifle scopes.  Why?  Light conditions change a lot quicker than strip threading those high thread count filters on frustration.  One should be able to get a more clear picture by just flipping the polarizer or other type of filter out of the way.

2. A C Clamp that has an unbalanced turning handle whereby one can hold the clamp in one hand and quickly spin it so that the gap is the approximate size of the wood or other material to be clamped.
To accomplish this one end of the turning pin would be weighted so that tangential motion could readily be achieved by flipping it into a spin while holding the C of the clamp.
Background of neccesitation: often when clamping together items one finds themself using one hand to hold the material and the other the clamp.  The process is often interupted when one must set the clamping pieces down while they adjust the gap of the clamp to the relative size.
A clamp like this would save much time, in woodworking and other applications.

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