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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Money in Politics 03 05 2013

Money in Politics 03 05 2013

You cannot have money in politics because those with the most money will win and that is not a democracy- it is a Satanocracy.

And what are all those children born with autism?  If there was ever proof of evolution and de-evolution it is right there!  If there was ever proof that tobacco, alcohol, drugs and chemicals created a step down species (SDS) it is right there!

What those and the other children born ill?  They are the children that money could buy!

When you look at the Bible you have to wonder if indeed a King did not create it in order to make ruler ship by the Satanic a certainty.  The stories of the Bible, Gospels, were indeed hand picked from a great many of them.  But the Bible is pretty clear in the end.  It follows the same principal of the Jewish religion giving Golemns a mark on the head!  That's right that bad idea came from.....

And indeed if you let an autistic person vote what are they going to vote for?  They are going to vote for rights that have the track to create more autistic people.  Isn't that right?  When you grant rights to a certain group to the exclusion or even detriment of the normal population are you not in fact legitimizing the creation of more of them.  So lets see, if people are born without a left foot then after awhile should it be right that they somehow make a lot of money and then after a period of many years somehow everyone is born without a left foot?

As always I would not say anything if I did not have my soul tormented by the gang that does not have its own soul!

Let me give you a clue, those who have been labeled with schizophrenia are the only ones who were born with their "left foot" in our world today.

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