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Saturday, March 16, 2013

CORRECTION::Partially In Favor of Barrack Obama's Gun Ban for strict and specific reasons 03 16 2013

Correction:  Read correction at bottom.  I am not in favor of B/O's Gun Control.

Partially In Favor of Barrack Obama's Gun Ban for strict and specific reasons 03 16 2013

If the United States had banned the Guns of the English Colonists that rose up against the U.S. in the Revolutionary War would their have been a Revo War and our Independence.

But one could argue that the Colonist had the right to seize those guns because they were a stated enemy of the United States.

So who is a stated enemy of the United States today?

Anyone who was raised in a Satanic family whereby they actively stole the soul of someone and created a mentally ill person of them.

You cannot be the citizen of someone else's soul and still be a voting citizen of a country.

Schizophrenics are nine times more likely to be a victim of violence for that very reason; they have the true Jewish (means blessed one) souls in the world.  So you cannot take a gun from them.  But for everyone of them that had been documented there is a cadre of feeble criminal minded that exist in our society that pose a great threat to democracy!  If you can prove someone does not have their own human soul you can take away their gun because they will indeed violate the freedom's of others that are guaranteed in our democracy.  The truth is that Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.

Will there be less violence?  The only violence that would occur would be when those who have a soul have to protect themselves against aggression and violence from those who do not. 

I am for taking away guns of those without their own soul.  However as a step down race they must always be afforded the same rights as everyone else, but not guns.  It is not their fault that they were born that way or raised by worthless parents.  It is not their fault that they did not have the ability to listen and learn.  But it is not our fault either!  We did everything that we could to prevent them from occurring by Prohibition.  They fought that and won.  They are not our fault and we are not the cause of them.

You can take away their guns but you may not enslave them.  You can take away their guns but in conjunction with that you also have to defeat the criminally polluting and manipulating of the mini-monarchy corporate structure.  Who knows Great Britain might even be the country to take the lead in defeating the Corporate Structure.  IT WAS THERE BEAST TO BEGIN WITH.  IT WAS ALSO A BEAST FROM ITALY- so they might be the one to step up!  The new Pope favors the poor!  And he has power. We might see the world change fast!

That new pope also has half a lung.  If he got it from smoking cigarettes he has a great message to give to the world!!!!  How about no one paid by the Catholic Church is allowed to smoke?  We have had drug testing, how about tobacco testing?  Pope Francis get up there on that podium and say what you have to say to accomplish your objective!!!!  And Pope be very tactful when you speak lest they malign you and you lose influence.

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I take this all back.  I just read what Diane Feinstein wants to do.  To me it looks like the rise of Nazi Germany.  Feinstein is indeed a German name.  We need to do a background check on her for family ties to Nazi families.  I have heard a rumor that Bush helped to bring Nazi families into the United States after WWII.  But it would not even have to be true because the Nazi movement started in the United States in the first place.  They wanted to sterlize and put on psychiatric medicine all families with Schizophrenia in the family.  It was not even a prevelent before the rise of Nazi Germany.  So what happened?  You had the cesspool of beer barons and their ilk breed in the United States that were not born with the ability for higher brain function.  Lost in the world what do they do?  They seek to latch onto those that have it and ride them into the ground through attrition.  The method that they use to add to their ranks is mentioned in the book of Mathew from the Bible, "And only that father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell a friend."

The hidden agenda both right wing and rich liberal is that those without their own human soul or mind must remain the ruling class.  Their victims are labeled schizophrenic.

There is no amendment to the Consitution that gurantees you the right to drink alcohol!  Quite to the contrary there was once an amendment to ban it.  The reason being, they knew how that rich idiot brat kid was created!

Do you know what the face of a Satanic person looks like?  It looks like they were born a mean drunk.  I could go into the physical facial features but I am out of time.  Diane Feinstein has a mean and cold face to me; and it doesn't matter if she is a Democrat.  I also wonder if Schapiro of the Obama Admisistration has any family connection to the Schapiro of the Eugenics movement.  And don't ever be fooled into believing that because a name sounds really Jewish to you that it could not part of the Nazi movement!  Over 80% of American Jews have a German name (they are Ashenazi) just like German Germans have a German name.

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