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Monday, March 25, 2013

Chemical Shyster World 03 25 2013

Chemical Shyster World 03 25 2013

How can you force parents to keep a newborn deformed child or make them put it up for adoption?
How can you force them to keep a child they knew will be mentally retarded?

Downs syndrome?  That really means a step "Down" race on the evolutionary scale doesn't it?

Doctors and scientists  (and for that matter God) have always known the true causes of diseases and it is in the names of the diseases themselves.  That is why they are named what they are.  It has to do with a principal I might call the fate of the liar or criminal.  It is like an anything that they say can and will be used against them.  When one creates one like a good questioner can easily make you tell another lie to cover up the first lie.  Then what happens in a court of law is that the person say's they want to change their testimony.

Who want's to admit they have a skull of pork and beans?  It is not the same person that looks at their child who is more than a little off and thinks, "They are as normal as I am!"

What is one step down on the evolutionary scale to the human race?  It is a primate isn't it!

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