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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nick Wilcox Body Found 03 30 2013

Nick Wilcox Body Found 03 30 2013

How could he have gone in where he did and them not find him right away.

How could they not look right close to where he was missing from and see if their was signs the ice was broken right away?

What was the water temperature that day he went missing?  Was the river frozen over?

What would an independent autopsy say?  Is the water in his lungs and body that from the Milwaukee River or was he just dumped back in it three months later?

How could divers not have found the body.  The other day as I was running on a treadmill I watched a television show where divers in a river could even see a alligator in the weeds!!!!  They shined a large light and they could easily see everything they needed to in that river.   Divers should have been able to find him if he was in the water right there not far from where he is alleged to have gone in.

A diver might also benefit from a handheld sonar imaging device that he can hold in his hand and point in all directions to see what is there. Even in the most brown Milwaukee River water ever.  So another one of my inventions just gets patented by a sleazy law firm by someone else.  Hooray for the new Pope and his fight against poverty. Pope you know what they are as well as I do!

I have had people try and throw me in a river before and I can tell you that you will not know what the face of Satan looks like until it is too late for you to do anything about it!

There was no excuse for him not being found!  None!  And whoever we paid to dive for him was either ill equipped or should not have been paid or the body was not there at the time!

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