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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How many American people look like their skin is pumped full of snot 03 06 2013

How many American people look like their skin is 03 06 2013

How many American people look like their skin is pumped full and billowing with snot?

They don't need cigarettes and beer.  They don't need junk food.

They need to be forced to exercise!  And they cannnot be allowed to say anything about it when they do either.  A requirement will be they keep their mouths shut when the exercise.  Why?  Because their mouths lessen the moral of other people that like to exercise!

Glutoney and sloth are indeed two of the seven deadly sins.  So indeed we must exorcise those sins from the American public.  In order to do so we are going to need a new government agency called the exercise police.  The exorcise or Exercise Police will come to your door and force out onto the street to walk and run.  You will not be able to do anything about it.  Rich people will recieve the treatment first.

The exorcise police will be allowed to have those electric Apple Type scooters to rid heard on the snot filled people while they exorcise.

The Exorcise Police or EP will indeed be staffed by homeless military veterans.

And if a person reaches a certain age and also no longer seeks influence society they will be waived ro considered to be retired from the forced exercise.

Also a person may forgoe the mandatory exercise if they give up their citizenship and leave the country.

And an EP officer will not be subject to negligence if a person having evil snot exorcized from them drops over dead in the process.  As is termed in current insurance legal documents that will also be considered AN ACT OF GOD.

Any person who attempts to betray the law will face a series of punishments, of increasing harshement.

1. Denial of Government health insurance and Government benefits related to health.
2. Denial of Doctor and Hospital service.
3. Eviction.

I am debating whether a very mild electric prod can be used to  coerce them to exercise.

You did not want to indoctrinate universal health care.  You did not want to ban cigarettes and alcohol.  But we do indeed have to do something for your health.  Indeed one in three women are getting breast cancer today.  I know what you are thinking- all that exhaust and smog is no good for me.  Well once we get you out in our environment and having to exercise in it you will indeed become the best activists for environmental change. 

It will not just be walking and running.  You will also be forced to swim.  And that is right.  The richest women in the country deemed to have a health condition or evidence that their skin is filled with snot will be forced to swim in our dirty rivers.  That is right you are going to cough up the money to clean them real fast.

Thomas Paul Murphy for King or President of any nation seeking such King or President that is indeed me.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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