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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mean People ~ 02 18 2013

Mean People

Mean children don't grow up to be good people.  Good children don't grow up to be evil either.

Mean children live on the hate of other people.  That is how they learn and think; by bullying and getting people to hate them.

That type of personality can not change once it is created.

I used to think that Adolph Hitler had to have been formed by demonization of Nazi era Jews; in order to have developed the hatred towards them that he did.  But I am learning more about evil people the longer that live.

His father made him mean!  His father beat him!  Adolph thrived on the fear that he created.

Some connect the dots facts!

1. My father told me when he was in WWII that the German Castles were not touched by bombs!

2. We know the New York Stock Exchange was a Dutch East Indies Corporation. (The Dutch region essentially being German.)

3. We know hat the Eugenics movement was strong in New York.  New York had indeed been an export port fro crops from slave states.

4. It has not been common in world history for Castles and major buildings to not be destroyed.  Hitler indeed bombed England indiscreetly. 

5.  The Eugenics movement and psychiatry started in New York.  And the same people believed in both.  That literature was then available for Adolph Hitler to read.  Can you imagine today- even with the Internet and documents being available world wide- how such literature could be translated and given to a German?  He read it.

6. The German Castles were not touched.

7.  So when U.S. forces invaded and Nazi Germany surrendered did Nazi's hide in those Castles?

8.  I am not a Jew (But according to my reading and understanding of the Bible I am indeed a Jew; more on this later.) but if i were a Jew I would think that Germany owes the Good people of the United States, Jews and people like me- the whole of Germany.

Did Adolph Hitler fit right into and appeal to the rich of German Castles because he was made mean and thereby lived off the energy of the souls tormented just like the rich children of the castles must have.  You cannot tell me that the psychological framework of someone who has a dungeon in their castle and tortures humans in their is going to break away from that lineage of family tradition!

So were U.S. residents friends with Castle owners in Germany?  What were the names of the German elite in New York.  What are the real estate records of German Castles related to United States Citizens and those that frequently travel to the United States.  Are there those that had dual citizenship?  What is the family connection between German American Psychiatrist and Eugenicists to the New York Stock Exchange - essentially a German Corporation until 2013?  What is George Bush's Connection to the Catholic Church, financing the lawsuits and Nazi Germany?

And one more point: Germany was and is a big beer drinking country.  Did the beer drinking indeed create MCAMR's?  (Mean Cases of Adaptive Mental Retardation)  And was Adolph Hitler indeed one of them?

And were these MCAMR's indeed jealous of the souls of Jews!  Or vice versa?  My eighth grade teacher did indeed say that Adolph Hitler was highly intelligent.  But was it indeed Satanic intelligence?  His hatred of verbal ability would indicate vice versa.  The Castle Castle Children would have had strong verbal ability!  So was it really the Castle elite that hated the Jews?  Were the Castle Elite beer barons?  I think that alcohol and money is a bad combination that creates hatred towards those who can think for themselves.  The animosity a spoiled castle brat that came from the conception to two alcohol drinkers towards someone that had their own soul had to be exponential!

But first and foremost everyone hated those that are labeled with schizophrenia and they still do today!


Hitler was not proud of his family lineage.  Did he feel his father was demonically possessed?

Counterpoint: Hitler had to have been of Satanic mind rather than what is called SCHIZO; because if he was schizo he would not have killed the others who were first and foremost!  Unless he knew that if he did he would dis empower the Jews?  This implies a personal belief that the Jews (or really those of many religions today) do indeed have their kings or leaders of schools of thought that they do not want to admit that they do.

But still if Adolph Hitler were Schizo he would have had sympathy for those who were too!  So this leads me to the conclusion that he was just dependent minded evil satanic.

He was not proud of his family lineage.  That means that he really did not like himself either.  He projected that self hatred and created genocide.

In my conclusion Hitler did not hear voices he likely heard complete thoughts and ideas!


So who gave Hitler his identity?  Who shaped Hitlers mind?  If Adolph's father beat him it meant that Adolph's father was weak minded and easily influenced to do bad things or rather could not control his own actions.  Hence Adolph too got that inability to control himself from his father or genes.  And that is why he was easily manipulated?  Manipulation?  It is the heart of gang indoctrination and behavior.

He did not like himself but found friendship by creating a common enemy?

What Phoenix'ed from the ashes of Nazi Germany is indeed no better than Nazi Germany.

So what was Adolph Hitler like in terms of a more in depth psychological profile?  He is indeed the same as everyone who hates schizophrenics today!  And they do!  Those labeled Schizophrenic are 13 times more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators.  And we never harm anyone!  So who does?  People who never develop the ability of higher brain function!  They end up becoming dependent minded to those who do (me) and they resent them just as Satan ( a collective noun) hated a true Jew Jesus Christ!

Its the same way that Chief inspector Morris hated Crusoe- the Pink Panther in the old Peter Sellers movies.

Countermeasure:  Breath heavily through your nose and pretend that the voice that is attacking you is having a stroke and its face is starting to droop.  The Bible says, "One cannot see the face of God and live."

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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