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Friday, March 22, 2013

On Discrimination 03 22 2013

On Discrimination 03 22 2013

I believe that absolutely any American should be able to ask to see the green card of a Mexican looking person and make a citizens arrest if they don't have one!

And if you find out that they are not an illegal immigrant well then you have made a new acquiantence and shouldn't ask the same person to see it a again.

The point is that any legal immigrant would be very proud of being in this country legally and proud to show you proof of their citizenship.

There are 11 million illegal immigrants in this country and the gangs they form in order to survive don't do us any good or the legal Hispanic immigrants any good either.

Because I myself am Irish I am highly likely to have the Spanish Gene; 98% of the Irish are said to have the Spanish Gene and the Irish are believed to have migrated to Ireland from Spain.  I like having a broad cultural heritage and diversity in my lineage and am very proud of all that I am!
That is not the point.  The point is that there are 46 million Americans on Food Stamps and it is hard enough for any one of us to make a living in the United States less we worry about those who are paid under the table.  That whole under the table money thing is a lot like how crooked politicians operate isn't it?  And those illegal immigrants got here through Florida and Texas; two Bush Governed States.

Honest to God, if there were an invasion of the United States would we not be able to ask people for identification because it violates their rights?  That liberal philosophy would lead to an "It's too late to do anything about it scenario!"  Common sense tells me that Law enforcement has a right to ask.

And it is not like the illegal immigrants all sleep on the streets, they are put up in housing by family and friends.  And it is that same family and friends that argue against immigration policy.

And every once is a while you will hear the great success story about a girl who is an illegal immigrant and is a straight A student.  So what do we do about her?  We giver her a copy of the United States Constitution, scratch out the words United States and write Mexico in its place in indelible marker and send her back to Mexico to spread and foster her superior intelligence and great influence; to the people of Mexico.  We make Constitutional missionaries out of all these great people who are here illegally.

The purpose of most of my writing is to expose a great form of racism that is fostered and hidden by religion!

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