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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why Basketball Should be Outlawed 03 16 2013

Why Basketball Should be Outlawed 02 26 2013

Many of you do not understand the principle of gestalt.  Gestalt is an image that forms in your mind with regard to symbolic meaning.  You realize it without knowing why.

Many people thought that monkeys were indeed strict vegetarians.  We are learning quite a bit more about animal behavior than that.

It was hypothesized that monkeys kill and consume other monkeys out of the need for protein in their diets.  But I don't believe that is true.  I believe that they monkey that they hunted and tried to kill and eat that escaped from them might indeed have been the nature of the first human beings.  You have to ask yourself how do monkeys choose which monkey they are going to hunt down and kill, render and eat?  Do monkeys have some form of emotion?  You pet a cat and it purrs right?  Is one monkey fighting for a female monkey with another not some form of emotion that is indeed tied to reproduction.  And the thought or desire that you be the one to reproduce rather than another is indeed an emotion.  Why?  Because if it were just a matter of survival of the species one monkey would not fight for the breeding rights to a tribe.  So indeed it is the emotion of ego or animal arrogance or indeed the emotional desire to dominate?  Dow we consider domination an emotion?  That is a sentence there that can be expounded upon.

But what is my point.  I once watched a documentary where monkeys hunted another monkey to render and eat.  They grabbed that monkey and swung from tree to tree with it.  They tossed its dead body up in the air like it had no significance.  There was no ceremony upon its death like putting some eating leaves in its mouth.  To the contrary they made a ceremony of rendering it into pieces and devouring ripped apart flesh in a frenzy.  They clearly enjoyed the process.

And when I look at an inner city basketball court and the behavior that arises from it that dominate entire neighborhoods I declare that basketball should be outlawed.

What do I see?  I see the gestalt of monkeys tossing around a dead monkey for enjoyment.  I don't like the gestalt.  I feel their is a strong connection from it to the primate behavior that is unbecoming of human beings.  Have their been studies where basketball was outlawed in communities and the educational standards went up?  I can tell you it would happen in just that way.

What do inner city kids strive to be?  The financial reward for being a good basketball player is their for them but there is no other reward for them.

Are children in inner cities that do not play basketball abused by those who do?  Are they afraid to walk by basketball courts in public in their neighborhoods?  Yes they are!  I am not making the statement for myself but for the inner city child who seeks to be a person who is educated and thinks with his/her own mind.  They are prevented from that freedom because of abuse by those who would practice a sport that has ties to organized primitive instincts.

And indeed basketball should not be a rough sport.  When I played basketball as youth I did not play that way.  But what you do not know about basketball is that it is used by those who play to provoke acts of physical violence against one another in what would seem to be part of the sport.  This only seek to set a standard of hierarchical pecking order in inner cities based on violence.  What am I talking about, the elbow to the eye socket, the deliberate knee to the groin, the pushing.  These are all veiled blows of violence or expressions of violence.  The game is what kind of violent abuse can I get away with and be rewarded fro right in plane view of the public eye.  Basketball has the most injuries of any sport.  And it is because of the nature of those who play it.  It is raw primate emotion; that person is looking to score and I am going to push and punch him with the palm of my hand.  Is this the behavior we should be teaching the poor of the country.  No!  We should be teaching them every thing but this.  They should indeed be disciplined away from this behavior.

So what is indeed going on here?  It is the nature of the beast to excel at skills and value skills that are animal like when it knows it does not have the capacity for higher thought processes.   In other words "I know what I can't be so I can make what I can be (that is like an animal) the standard of human success!"  I know that I cannot compete with the child who can think for himself because he was raised by loving parents so I create a world that doesn't value that human ability; and in fact lessens the concept to something that can indeed be stolen.

Do a race of people that do not have the capacity for higher thought cannibalize the minds and souls of people in our world in the same way?  You bet they do!

So one monkey did something kind for another monkey.  And that is the monkey that they all seeked to hunt down and render and eat!  If that monkey ever escaped he would likely be the one to evolve into being the first human being.  So there you have it.
Now as I stand back and think about what I have written I realize that the earliest human beings had to have differentiated themselves in this way.  They would have had to not let certain types be part of their community.  Those would indeed be those that are mentioned as being evicted by community rule of the Essene religion.  Judaism is the oldest known religion.  So indeed it would seem that it was the Jews that differentiated themselves from the apes.  And indeed that it was a Jew who looked upon the other apes killing and eating a monkey and said, "That is wrong, I want no part of it, and I am leaving!"    So he left and formed his own higher standard community.  But what happened when people were born that did not fit that standard?  Were some that acted like barbaric apes scribed on the head with the mark of the beast?  A number 6 does indeed look like a letter b.  Three b's or 6's and your out?  Three sixes equals a certified beast?  What else would they have done when a family member acted criminal and barbaric?  And so it was that Cain son of Able was marked on the head for killing his brother Able?  And have there been role reversals of this?  Did the Pharaoh indeed enslave the Jews as a mean Eugenics treatment to them?  To give them only beer and bread to eat while they worked hard building the pyramids so that their offspring would be compromised by a mild case fetal alcohol syndrome.  I believe that is true with all of my heart and I also believe there are people of the beast minds of Pharaoh's today that seek to do the same thing to human beings they are jealous of through the practice of psychiatry.

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