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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Diplomatic Immunity 03 14 2013

Diplomatic Immunity 03 14 2013

Can Diplomatic immunity granted to lesser forms of Government be thought of as a means to defy Capitalism?

In order to believe this you would first have to believe that the Constitution created the best form of Government. In order to believe that you would have to understand every other form of government and articulate in comparison why the U.S. Constitution represents a better form of Government.

And if you did not believe in that you would indeed grant Diplomatic Immunity to foreign nationals living in the United States until you had eroded the actual representation of the meaning of our Constitution in our everyday lives to the rights comparable to those in a third world country.

One has to ask if rich middle eastern oil businessmen were granted diplomatic immunity in the United States to the point that they believed they had the right to also fly planes into the world trade center. On also has to ask if Russian dignitaries have been granted diplomatic immunity in the United States to the point whereby many functions of our democratic society have been defeated.

Off topic: One of the greatest photographers of the civil rights movement in the United States, at the time of Martin Luther King, was also an informant to the FBI on them.

Back on topic.

Internet Gambling is unregulated. How can this be true? It makes no sense. Banking is regulated but not Internet Gambling? How did this evil faction get its profitable foothold in our society? Can it be said to have occurred because of slack rules on the U.S. Banking system that translated into unregulated Internet Gambling? And who benefits? Foreign bank accounts of criminals living right next door to us in the United States? What is at issue? Even if you were to win there is no guarantee you will get your winnings out! Have you ever tried finding a rational minded customer service rep on the phone today? The second issue is that they are using a what amounts to a crime against humanity or torture to set those house odds.

The third issue is that someone can not live in the United States and operate a casino where it is not legal. So if any business owner of one of these lives in the United States he/she is a criminal.

Because we fail to regulate this that failure also translates into a failed regulatory system throughout with regard to all financial transactions in the United States. We have superpower computers for Homeland Security and not the intelligence on how to properly implement the use of them or apply known U.S. laws! What does failure to apply law amount to? It hints that there has been a takeover of our Government by the incompetent? Who already couldn't figure that out when they saw Kennedy being shot and Nixon's old bag monkey cheeks shaking at us.

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