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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Satanic Economic Failure 03 06 2013

Satanic Economic Failure

When no one truly earns their money in a Democracy money rapidly becomes worthless.

Then there is no currency.

Without currency there is no basis for any trade.

Without a basis for trade the lower class is the first to go.

When there is no longer any currency it means that there will be starvation and unavoidable death.

And when that happens you can lay the blame any way you want but one thing will be certain you will no longer be able to lie to yourself.  And the time will then come for you to truly be angry at yourself and that will destroy you!

Those who should have received credit will be just as well off as before.  Why because they have learned to be self reliant. 

The upper class goes to, because they never learned to be self reliant and their money is no longer of value.  They cannot maintain an heir of sophistication when they money is worthless and through trial and error and miserable failure as adults they face reality.

It all starts when what should be valued is instead stolen.


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